January Mainsheet



Hello Fellow KYC Members,

We have made it to 2017!!!!  I hope it is a great year for the Kenosha Yacht Club and all its members.  The coming weeks and months have in store many club events and activities.  A Super Bowl party is ready to go.  All members have been sent an evite.  Unfortunately, the Green Bay Packers did not RSVP, but great food, refreshments and fun will still provide a great time for all.  A Mardi Gras party will immediately follow the March 4 KYC membership meeting.  A St. Patrick’s Day party is a possibility.  The traditional April Fool’s Regatta is right around the corner.  Hard to believe that the 5th Annual KYC Golf Outing is just a few weeks away in the spring.  A Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party is in the planning stages for the first Saturday in May.  Monitor the KYC Website for details on upcoming social events in the new year.

After the January KYC membership meeting, a chili cook-off party was a good and tasty time.  The First Place chili was made by Deb Strouf.  Jack Ciesemier finished in Second Place and Tom Deters finished in Third Place.  Tom, Third Place again????!!!!!  I suggest going back to culinary school for remedial classes and take a serious shot next year at breaking into the winner’s circle.  All joking aside, congratulations to Deb, Jack and Tom for their outstanding chili entries finishing one, two and three!!!  Thanks to all KYC members who participated in our classic Winter event.

Keep in mind that one can stop in at The Lake House Bar and Grille at the Kenosha Yacht Club for fine food and drink from Wednesday to Sunday during the Winter.  Members can wine & dine while enjoying camaraderie as we wait for what little ice there is to melt.  (Cribbage is Thursday nights…Teams are always looking for substitute players).

KYC will soon be obtaining the services of an office administrator.  Any members, or anyone they know, who are interested in this compensated part-time work should send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide names and contact information.  Details will be provided to anyone sending an e-mail expressing interest.

Next, but not least important, many thanks to Dick Schmidt for an incredible effort in leading the Kenosha Yacht Club presence at the January 11-15, 2017 Strictly Sail Show at McCormick Place in Chicago.  All members should consider taking a shift at our booth next year.  I truly had a good time hanging out with fellow club members, meeting show attendees, promoting the club and sailing center, and talking about boats and Lake Michigan.  Thanks to all club members who had a role in setup, breakdown and taking shifts running the booth.

On a related topic, the club needs some members to run the KYC booth at Harbor Market this summer in Kenosha.  The planning and organization for this summer activity has already begun and volunteers are requested to send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide notification of intention to assist.  It is crucial to obtain sufficient volunteers to spread around the effort.  I am certain our club members will step up to continue KYC’s involvement in the Kenosha Area Community.

I will provide a full report and analysis of Punxsutawney Phil’s experience on Groundhog Day in next month’s letter.

Think Spring!!!!!!!

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

January, 2017

New years and time to spend some Sea Story time at the club.  Of course there is always the stories of last seasons sailing adventures but, once in awhile, a story comes up that is rather unusual.  Harkin’ back to 1967 and let me tell you about what happened on the city dock just off the KYC property!

June 8, 1967   Kenosha Evening News   


                                                Spilled milk

                                              Good riddance

            The city isn’t going to cry over spilled milk – or spoiled milk, either – but it’s quite relieved to be rid of 150 tons of smelly dried milk.

This overripe cargo, which had been on the city’s north docks since it was removed from the hold of a burning ship several weeks ago, was hauled away Tuesday and buried.

The city fire department then hosed down the area from which it was removed. Rains today are helping to remove final traces of the milk.

While the city fumed – and the milk added fumes of its own – the city health department told the U.S. Food and Drug Division about the milk.  That division yesterday decided that a potential buyer could not have the soured dried milk for industrial uses, but that the supply must be destroyed.

It was immediately trucked away Tuesday and buried in the Tirabassi dump, south of 80th St., under federal supervision.  Then the fire department finished the housecleaning at the water front.

The US. Department of Agriculture, which owned the milk, will be billed for the burial.


Ed. C. Werner

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Next meeting is February 4th, 12:00 PM!



Don’t forget about the Superbowl Party!

Join your KYC friends for the SuperBowl.

Burgers, Brats, Sides All-You-Can-Eat

$15 / person.

80% Payback raffle on scores each quarter.

Other Games.

Guests Welcome! Please view your email’s from KYC as one contains an evite!



Letter from the Editor:

So….thank you again to Dick Schmidt for all that he does to organize and represent our yacht club at Strictly Sail! Also definitely hit up The Lake House, it still is the best view on the lake!

Thank you-
BNAC14Anchor’s Aweigh