March Mainsheet



Hello Fellow KYC Members,

As I write this letter on a rainy day, it is now officially calendar Spring.  Launch time is drawing near!!!  Coordinate with KYC Dock and Derrick Chairman Doug Vaccarello for the launching of boats.  I plan to launch on April 21 at North Point Marina.  The KYC kicks off the boating events season with our traditional April Fool’s Regatta tentatively planned to immediately follow the KYC Membership meeting on Saturday, April 1.  Monitor the KYC Website to confirm the event schedule.  The restaurant and bar will be open.

The KYC Mardi Gras party on March 4 was a Fat Tuesday celebration that would make the Crescent City proud.  The KYC was engulfed in French Quarter decadence for at least one day. Thanks to all KYC members who made this event happen.

The coming weeks and months have in store many club events and activities.  A Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party is scheduled for Saturday, May 6.  The 5th Annual KYC Golf Outing is just a few weeks away on Sunday, May 7.  KYC Golf Outing information will be sent to all members.  Monitor the KYC Website and watch for emails for details on all upcoming social events.

Some very important news to report about the KYC Mainsheet.  Shannon Devine has decided that the March 2017 edition of the KYC Mainsheet will be her last as the Editor of this fine publication.  The KYC Board will provide club information to members in the meantime until the future of the Mainsheet is determined.  I would like to thank Shannon for many years of hard work and her results in this important position.  I feel it must be noted here Shannon’s other significant history with the club as Chairperson of the most recent KYC Galley Search Committee, a volunteer in service on other KYC committees and the current holder of the KYC Yachtsman of the Year Award.  When the Mainsheet appears in our inbox on a regular basis, we can easily forget or take for granted the unique creativity, tremendous effort and coordination, consistently applied every month year after year, required of Shannon to produce the quality product that club members received.  A big reason for the awesome new restaurant opening at the KYC is the efforts of Shannon as Chairperson.  I greatly appreciate Shannon’s dedication and contributions to the club.  Thank You Shannon!!!  I look forward to continuing to work with Shannon in the future as an invaluable resource to ensure Kenosha Yacht Club remains a great organization.  I ask all KYC members to also thank Shannon and express their sincere appreciation the next time you see her in the clubhouse.

Any members interested in being Editor of the KYC Mainsheet or contributing as a member of the editorial staff please notify the club by sending a message to the KYC club email address.  For great club traditions such as the KYC Mainsheet to continue, KYC members must be involved by bringing their various skills, knowledge and abilities to club activities.

KYC will soon be obtaining the services of an office administrator.  Any members, or anyone they know, who are interested in this compensated part-time work should send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide names and contact information.  Details will be provided to anyone sending an e-mail expressing interest.

The club needs some members to run the KYC booth at Harbor Market this summer in Kenosha.  The planning and organization for this summer activity has already begun and volunteers are requested to send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide notification of intention to assist.  It is crucial to obtain sufficient volunteers to spread around the effort.  I am certain our club members will step up to continue KYC’s involvement in the Kenosha Area Community.

Later this summer, an opportunity is available to KYC members to dock at Chicago Yacht Club and visit my hometown, the great City of Chicago.  CYC members have proposed a slip swap:

12 CYC boats ranging from 40 to 60 feet would like to dock at slips in Southport Marina from Friday, July 7 to Sunday, July 9 for 3 days and 2 nights.  Any Southport boaters who vacate their slips can dock at Chicago Yacht Club over the same days and will have access to the CYC.  Taste of Chicago and other things to do that weekend in Chicago may appeal to boaters willing to do the swap.  Any KYC members, or anyone they know, with a boat slip at Southport Marina who are interested in this opportunity should send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address.

Mark your calendars.  The 59th Annual Blessing of the Fleet is scheduled for Sunday, June 4, 10:30 AM at the Kenosha Yacht Club.

See ya at the April Fool’s Regatta,

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

March, 2017

No ice in the harbor now so it is time to look forward to spring fitting out.  Well, maybe a little early yet but one can at least eek under the winter cover!  Nevertheless, I have a harbor “incident” left over from a February story that I want to tell you about.  In this story, a true story no less, no ice was mentioned but I’m sure the harbor water was mighty cold.  And, in February of 1909, when this story happened, the harbor was a cesspool.

February 25, 1909   The Telegraph-Courier                                                                                                                                           FELL INTO HARBOR                      

           John Ward, a Deck Hand on City of Marquette

 Has Narrow Escape From Death                                                             

 CONDITION IS STILL CRITICAL                                                                    

    Members of Crew Fish Man Out of the Water But His Lungs Were Filled

                               With Pollution and Pneumonia is Feared                              

John Ward, 40 years of age, employed as a deck hand on board the steamer City of Marquette, had a narrow escape from death just at noon Sunday when he fell from the gang plank leading from the docks to the steamer into the river and before he was rescued he was so filled up with the polluted water of the river that he is at the Kenosha Hospital and it is feared that his condition is very serious.  Ward had come in on the boat at midnight Saturday night, but Sunday morning with of other employees of the company he had come down town and they returned to the boat just before dinner time.  Ward was with second engineer Milton Hansen and fireman John Kelly at the time of the accident and as he started to walk from the dock to the steamer which lay about seven feet out in the harbor he slipped and fell.  He could not swim and he sank like a rock and failed to come to the surface.  The men with him saw him pawing the water a couple of feet under the surface and Hansen went to the rescue.  Laying down on the boat he managed to reach down with his foot and get it under the body of Ward and pulled him to the surface getting his head out of the water. Other members of the crew were at their dinner at the                                                                 time, but they were hurriedly summoned and in a short time the drowning man was pulled from the water.  He was unconscious, but the men began work at once to restore him.  A physician was hurriedly summoned and by the time  he arrived the members of the crew had restored the man to consciousness, but he was very sick on account of the great amount of the dirty water which he had taken into his stomach and lungs.  Capt. Hill was hurriedly summoned and when he reached he boat Ward was conscious, but seemed to be suffering a great deal from the effects of the water and as soon as possible an ambulance was called and the captain directed him to be removed to the Kenosha Hospital and everything possible done for him.  Dr. J. B. Spalding was in attendance and with a vigorous use of a stomach pump he managed to remove much of the water from the stomach of the man, but he discovered that his lungs had been filled with the water.  Ward was a very sick man on Sunday night and it was feared that he would not recover.

The man lives at McKeesport, Pa., and had been employed on the boat as a deck hand for some time.  He was a steady hard working man of muscular physique and Capt. Hill declared that he had always been an excellent workman.  It is not thought that he has any family as he never mentioned these relatives to other members of the crew.

Note:  No follow up information was mentioned so we assume that Mr. Ward recovered.  ECW


Ed. C. Werner

Club News:

Upcoming Events

Next meeting is April 1st, 12:00 PM!

All Sailors!!!

April Fools Regatta, this Saturday

It’s officially Spring. Racing will start immediately after the Noon Membership Meeting.  Bring a change of clothes with you (in case you swim!)

  • Entry fee is a $10+ donation to the KCSC

  • Racing to start after the KYC Membership Meeeting (about 12:30pm

  • Get there at 10am to help setup


The Events committee is gearing up for the Annual Cinco de Derby Party which is run in conjunction with the Annual Golf Outing!

Golf Outing

CDD 2016
Cinco de Derby! Saturday, May 6, 2017
Starting at 3:00 p,m
Hat Contest | Games| Drinks
*Watch the KYC website, facebook and look for an email with additional information


 *Because this is my last Mainsheet, I decided to share this oldie but goodie, written by moi, in 2012. Things have definitely changed since then…..However, the idea still stand. Your Club is what you make of it-

If you know my husband Ed, you know that you will most likely find him bellied up to bar or showing off his RC boat on any given Friday night at the Kenosha Yacht Club/ Breakwater Bar and Grill. Many times I tag along, knowing that there will be many members, enjoying double bubble and their Friday evenings. It is comforting to look around at the familiar, smiling faces and to hear their voices and laughter. Somewhere behind me I hear Deb Strouf’s laugh, or Gary Powell’s animated conversations, or Doug Vacarello scolding Andy Schmeling for once again sneaking his meerkat/dog into the bar. In fact, the best description of a Friday double bubble is controlled chaos and…almost like being home for the holidays. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, it is a welcome feeling being able to truly have a place where everybody knows your name. For me, this is what being a member of a club is truly about.

The yacht club, like many other organizations is what you make of it. It is not a business organization which caters to every client’s specific needs or wants. For me, as well as many others, it is an escape from the grind of a work week and much, much more. It is a club steeped in tradition and history. It has seen its fair share of problems and hopefully we are experiencing the rebirth of a vital organization. It seems every month we are voting in new members, the board is ever working towards the betterment of the club, and the members are participating more and more every year. The Kenosha Yacht Club is more than just about winter storage and sailboat racing, every year we are adding more events to the schedule. Continuing on the path of growth and change will be important for the survival of the KYC. Anything experiencing growth is going to be painful, but it is important to remember that nobody, the board, the members, or the restaurant, are making decisions to personally hurt or offend anyone. Everyone has a different vision of how to move forward, it is why we have meetings, it is why we vote for board members. There is going to be dissent and criticism, but remember, everyone is working for the betterment of the club and we need to recognize the positive work and effort so many are putting forth, instead of just focusing on personal perceived negatives or affronts. Whether it is the hours Virginia Hartley puts into organizing the cribbage league or Gary’s Mainsheet, or the people who are always at the club doing the little things that make it work, we need to recognize these before being persistently critical. Not one person volunteering their time are doing it to put the club asunder, they are doing it because they care about it as well and treat it like they would their own house. As a consequence, many of our new members joined because they were attracted to the events the clubs holds, old and new such as, cribbage, double bubble, and the many diverse boating activities now being offered.

When my husband and I joined the club, there was not much incentive for us to be there, except for the sailboat racing part. We would go to the club, but not many members would be around and when announced that the monthly meeting would discuss raising dues there were many many faces I had never seen throughout the whole summer of being a member. It was a disheartening experience to say the least, so I am beyond elated about some of the changes and the increasing participation of members in the last few years. The Buccaneer National Championships were beyond successful and it was because of the participation of the members. The upcoming Coho Classic sounds like it will be a smashing success and we are lucky to be having events such as these. We are using the Kenosha Yacht Club!

I would like to share the sentiments of one of our newest members of the club, someone who grew up at the Waukegan Yacht Club. After taking one look around the room during double bubble, he acknowledge this is what a yacht club should look like. His family were at their club every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday no questions asked, it was just what you did. Now I understand that people are busy and we cannot expect that, but Fridays are a great start.

In closing, this summer can be a great opportunity to further expand the renewal and progress of the Kenosha Yacht Club. I hope that everyone will have the ability to enjoy the many events and opportunities the club will offer this summer, starting with the always fabulous Blessing of the Fleet! And remember, being a member of a club is not always about what the club can do for you, but, what you can do for your club.

Letter from the Editor:

Hello everyone! The weather is teasing us a bit lately, but summer is almost here 🙂 As you probably read above, this is my last Mainsheet. I want to thank my husband, Past Commodore Ed Montano and present Commodore Mike Paulin for always getting me their Waypoints in a timely manner with great updates and information. It is beyond utterly helpful. I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Ed Werner for always producing and curating amazingly informative but also entertaining articles every month. Without him and the commodores, it would be hard to get content every month. I also want to thank Gary Powell for always providing great pictures for a majority of our events, he is great at capturing the moment.

Alas, I have enjoyed playing around with the Mainsheet these past few years; tying new articles, news updates, seeing photos. Despite a few complaints, it has been mostly enjoyable. Admittedly it has been hard lately and this summer was a very trying time at the club, at least for me. Getting content and information from the club members is always challenging since we are all busy and have stuff going on, but when we stop having dialogue with each other we loose opportunities to make a positive impact or have our voices heard. My involvement in the club has always been about how I can help, offering what might be my strengths in service of the club when it needs the help. It has not been about what I personally want, and it has not been about what I can do to get my way over other members. I think that is an important idea to remember in regards to other people who spend hours upon hours volunteering for the club. After all, those who give as  much as they can are doing it because they care, because they want to see the club succeed, because they believe the club is only as good as we can make it.

On that note, I would encourage anyone who would like to take up the editorship of the Mainsheet to contact either myself or Commodore Mike Paulin ASAP. It is a good way to put in a few hours each month in service of the club. There is no strict guidelines of what you can and cannot do each month. Otherwise, Edwin and myself are peacing out of Kenosha for a year come August, we are excited to take an adventure! Please let me know if you have any other questions about the position or what it entails. I would be happy to help anyone make a smooth transition into this position.

Thank you-

BNAC14Anchor’s Aweigh