May Mainsheet 2017



Hello Fellow KYC Members,

Memorial Day is a holiday weekend during which we enjoy boating, cookouts, ballgames, parks and other outdoor (sometimes outdoors……we do live in the upper Midwest on the shores of Lake Michigan) activities with family and friends.  Memorial Day is more importantly a very somber occasion to remember our fallen heroes defending the freedom and way of life we all enjoy in this great place called America.  Please say a prayer or set aside some time for reflection sometime during the weekend for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services who have fallen throughout the history of the United States of America.

A Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party was on Saturday, May 6.  Southern gentlemen in seersucker suits and ladies in traditional Kentucky Derby hats seemed to transport KYC to the heart of Horse Country!!!!  Delicious Mexican comestibles were served.  Thanks to all members for the hard work of planning and setup which resulted in a fun party with an excellent turnout of members.  Monitor the KYC Website for details on all upcoming social events.

The 5th Annual KYC Golf Outing was on Sunday, May 7 at Maplecrest Country Club in Kenosha.  High grass, much like the British Open, and a bit of mud was the theme of the day.  We were spared the hurricane winds encountered last year.  Andy Cross met the challenge of these course conditions to win the 2017 Championship Trophy.  Andy was crowned this year’s champion with an outstanding score of 90.  Plenty of prizes were sent home with golfers awarded using the Peoria Handicap System (don’t ask me to explain how it works).  John Paulin (Lucky Skunk) was winner of the trophy for best Peoria net score of 55.  Trophies were awarded for longest drives, closest to the pin and longest putt.  Longest drive winners were Chris “Boom Boom” Drozdz, Jim Strouf (I did not even know you could golf) and JJ Kovacovich.  Closest to the pin winners were Commodore Mike Paulin (incredible shot I must say!) and Andy Cross.  Bill Bielanski won the longest putt. Congratulations to all winners!!  Everyone is a winner for participating and taking a few hacks and in some cases more than a few hacks.  I hope to see even more golfers participate next year for year #6.

Mark your calendars.  The 59th Annual Blessing of the Fleet is scheduled for Sunday, June 4, 10:30 AM at the Kenosha Yacht Club followed by a breakfast buffet.  The KYC Membership Committee and KCSC are hosting an open house on Saturday, June 10.  Please plan to attend for food, fun and to promote the great organizations that are the Kenosha Yacht Club and the Kenosha Community Sailing Center.

Reminder……the club needs some members to run the KYC booth at Harbor Market this summer in Kenosha.  The planning and organization for this summer activity has already begun and volunteers are requested to send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide notification of intention to assist.  It is crucial to obtain sufficient volunteers to spread around the effort.  I am certain our club members will step up to continue KYC’s involvement in the Kenosha Area Community.

It is not too late to respond…later this summer, an opportunity is available to KYC members to dock at Chicago Yacht Club and visit my hometown, the great City of Chicago.  CYC members have proposed a slip swap:

12 CYC boats ranging from 40 to 60 feet would like to dock at slips in Southport Marina from Friday, July 7 to Sunday, July 9 for 3 days and 2 nights.  Any Southport boaters who vacate their slips can dock at Chicago Yacht Club over the same days and will have access to the CYC.  Taste of Chicago and other things to do that weekend in Chicago may appeal to boaters willing to do the swap.  Any KYC members, or anyone they know, with a boat slip at Southport Marina who are interested in this opportunity should send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address.

Launching continues!!!  Coordinate with KYC Dock and Derrick Chairman Doug Vaccarello for the launching of boats.

It looks like better weather is here in time for Blessing of the Fleet and the boating season.

Happy Boating!!!

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

As a very young boy I dreamed that someday I would sail. Unlike my father, who was a Coast Guard Surfman, in WW1, I would be a Cutterman and sail aboard one of the Coast Guard’s 327 foot Secretary Class vessels.  Finally, in the 1960s, as a Coast Guard reservists I sailed aboard  the 327 foot CGC SPENCER WPG-70.  We sailed down the east coast and went on patrol in the Straights of Florida.  On the way back, up the east coast on our last night at sea, I stood out on the fantail enjoying the ocean breeze, the million stars above and enjoying the smooth roll of the ship off the coast of North Carolina. Suddenly, off the Portside, I spotted a flash of light!  It was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!

As a historian, I realized that I was sailing over hollowed seas.  Below me are the remains of the Civil War vessel the USS MONITOR, with some of her crew still aboard, the many freighters and tankers torpedoed by German subs in WW2 as well as some German subs depth-charged to the bottom with their crews still aboard. And, over the years, how many ships just lost at sea in these waters.

In a couple of weeks, we of the Kenosha Yacht Club will again conduct our yearly Blessing of the Fleet and pay homage to our departed members of the past year.  And, as usual, the historic 1866 lighthouse, up the hill from the yacht club, will again be lit in their honor. It is only right and proper that we do this.

August 20, 1868   Kenosha Telegraph

                                                                  The Sea

The sea is the largest of all cemeteries and its slumberers sleep without monuments.  All other graveyards, in all other lands, show some distinction between the rich and the poor; but in the ocean cemetery, the king and the clown, the prince and the peasant, are alike distinguished.  The same waves roll over them all – the same requiem by the minstrels of the ocean is sung to their honor. Over their remains the same storm beats and the same sun shines, and there unmarked, the weak and powerful, the plumed and unhonored, will sleep until awakened by the same trump.

Ed. C. Werner

Club News:

Upcoming Events

  • Next membership meeting is Tuesday June 6th, 7:00 PM
  • Practice Sailboat Race: Thursday May 25, 2017, 6:30pm start
  • First Sailboat Race: Thursday June 1, 2017, 6:30pm start
  • Blessing of the Fleet: Sunday June 4, 2017, 10:30am
  • Open House: Saturday June 10, 2017


  • Boat Launching (Doug Vaccarello)
    • Boats are being launched each Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m.
    • Even if you don’t have a boat on our dock, you are still welcome to help. We can always use some extra hands.
    • This is also a good time to meet and greet old and new members.
    • Wear sturdy shoes and no beer drinking until we are done. Everyone show up. It’s always a good time.
  • Racing News (John Weiss)
    • Reminder: Sailboat owners need to get registered for the 2017 season.  Below are the links.  Please remember we only pay once ($75) but register twice, Thursday AND Sunday.
    • Thursday:
    • Sunday:
    • Race Committee Needed – The KYC race fleet is still looking for a boat/crew to be our Race Committee on Thursdays and Sundays.  This is not a 100% commitment, we’ll happily take 60 or 70% or 52.5%.  We’ve budgeted $50/outing to help cover expenses.  This is an open invite for either a sailboat or powerboat.  No prior experience is needed, we’ll teach you.  This is a great way to make sure you use your boat this year.  Meet new people, drink a few cool beverages as you score finishers and watch the sunset from the best place in Kenosha.  Interested??  Contact John Weiss 262-652-6964 or
    • Crew/Boat Finder:
      • There is a new for 2017 Bulletin Board for those looking for crew and those wanting to crew.
      • This can be for racing, cruising, or fun sailing.
      • The Bulletin Board is located under RACING on the KYC website: LINK
  • Open House (Bob Reinhart)
    • KYC Open House is scheduled for June 10, 2017, 11:00am – 4:00pm
    • If you would like to help, please contact Bob Reinhart


*2017 Golf Outing Awards Pictures

*Cinco de Derby (Ron Otto)

*NEEDED Harbor Market Volunteers

Spend a couple of hours at the Harbor Market and help out the Kenosha Community Sailing Center and the KYC

Have you visited Kenosha’s vibrant Harbor Market near the Public and Civil War museums?  If so, you know it’s bustling with activity, will tempt you with many tasty treats, and may surprise you with its range of offerings.  The KYC & Kenosha Community Sailing Center (KCSC) will have a booth on June 10th, 17th and 24th and needs volunteers to staff two-hour shifts.  Harbor Market runs from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. with some set-up (beginning at 8 a.m.) and take-down time.

This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow KYC members and meet the dedicated KCSC volunteers who promote sailing and a love of Lake Michigan’s resources to the Kenosha community.  The KCSC is a collaborative effort between the KYC, local organizations and schools and educates both youth and adults.

Everyone in the KYC can identify with sharing our love of Lake Michigan – so if you’d like to help at the booth, please send an email to …… with the following information:

If you want to sign-up, please take a few minutes and click on this LINK to sign-up for a two-hour block of time.

If you have any questions send an email to .

Thank you for considering this request!

Jim Buck (President – KCSC)


*Save the date – July 8th – Kenosha Walk & Fundraiser for Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes (WSOGL) + interviews of long-time users of the lake                                                                                             by Sue Hill

The value of a clean and healthy Lake Michigan and lakeshore is immeasurable to the Kenosha community and to all boaters.  Just think about what this beautiful body of water means to you, personally.   A love of being on the water, in the water or near the water is the foundation for the existence for both the Kenosha Yacht Club and the Kenosha Community Sailing Foundation.  These are just some of the reasons both organizations are supporting the Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.

If you missed it in the April Mainsheet, here is the LINK to the Journal Sentinel article on WSOGL and the background on Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbrusters’ 332+ mile hike to sustain our Great Lakes.  At the May 2nd KYC Membership meeting, the Kenosha Yacht Club demonstrated a show of support with a $100 check.  Currently, the KYC (Sue Hill) is working closely with the Kenosha Community Sailing Foundation and WSOGL to plan a community walk on July 8th, which is also Downtown Kenosha’s Second Saturday.

The Kenosha event is in the early stages of planning.  WSOGL’s goals are to inspire, inform, and invigorate others to take action for the Great Lakes and freshwater conservation.  The plan is to engage the Kenosha community, including conservation/sport fishing groups.  Leading the partnering effort for this event will also raise community awareness of what the KYC and KCSC have to offer, including a visit to The Lakehouse.

Alyssa and Julia are collaborating with Rayni Day Productions to produce a documentary about the restoration of the Great Lakes and how far they have come since the 1970’s when the Clean Water Act was established.  On July 8th, the film crew will be here to interview long-time boaters to collect footage for the documentary – stay tuned for more details!

 Sue Hill

KCSC News:

  • Classes:
    • All the sailing classes are listed on the KCSC web site, and the complete schedule is at this LINK.
    • The Introductory Adult classes start May 22, 2017. Don’t wait too long to signup, as once the weather breaks they fill quickly
  • KCSC in Kenosha News:
    • The KCSC had a great article in the Kenosha News:

Letter from the Editor:

Warm weather is teasing us! Boats are being launched! The first practice race is next week! Yes, boating season is here, and it is great walking around the docks and catching up with old friends after hibernating all winter.  So put away those winter coats and come on down to KYC and get involved in the various activities.   And now for something educational….

What is Digital Selective Calling for VHF Radios? aka That little red button on the marine radio

If you’ve bought a VHF radio in the last few years, chances are it has a red distress button on the front. Lift the flap, press and hold the button for five seconds, and details of your vessel, your position, and the fact that you require urgent and immediate assistance are broadcast to the U.S. Coast Guard and anyone else with a DSC-equipped radio within range. The beauty of the system is that it should summon assistance even if you’re unable to speak.

Two things need to happen for a DSC-VHF radio to work properly. First, it has to be connected to a GPS; second, the radio needs to be programmed with an MMSI number. MMSI stands for Maritime Mobile Service Identity and refers to the unique number assigned to a particular boat. Connecting your VHF to your chartplotter provides your coordinates to the radio so they can be transmitted in an emergency. Obtaining an MMSI number is easy and can be done online. BoatUS members can get a number for domestic use free of charge by answering a few simple questions.

One of the biggest advantages with DSC radios, now you don’t have to hail on channel 16. Instead, you send a digital message on channel 70 directly to your buddy’s MMSI “phone number”. Once the receiving party receives and accepts the digital message, both radios automatically turn to the working channel you’ve selected. This evolution lessens the traffic on channel 16, keeping it clear for essential USCG emergency calling.

Of course there’s more advantages as well. For non-emergency use, DSC equipped radios enable the following:

  • routine calls to other vessels and shore stations
  • sending and receiving position reports
  • polling other vessels for position reports
  • group calling

So if you have a DSC equipped radio or in the market for a new radio, get it setup correctly to obtain the most benefit  from the features it provides.

NOTE: I have placed a copy of the KYC Membership List under the Member’s Only section of the website.  Password is on the back of you membership card.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum