June Mainsheet 2017


NOTE: We have added a number of new sections to the Mainsheet so make sure you at least glance through the whole newsletter.


Hello Fellow KYC Members,

I would like to first discuss an important and unique event happening soon at our clubhouse and surrounding area.  Mark your calendars.  On Saturday, July 8th, the Kenosha Yacht Club and Kenosha Community Sailing Center are co-sponsoring the Kenosha Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  Consider coming down to support this event by walking or participating in other activities.  The U.S. Coast Guard will moor their 45-foot response boat at the KYC for tours from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm; the short 1 mile walk (suitable for strollers) starts at 10:00 am; last, for walkers, the Kenosha History Center is offering 1/2 price tickets to climb the old lighthouse tower.  In addition, the film crew for the documentary will be there to film the walk, and they are interested in conducting interviews with long-time users of the Great Lakes.  So don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to participate in a significant local event supporting an even bigger regional endeavor with such notoriety.  Come join the fun and support a great cause, because we all have a stake in keeping the Great Lakes clean and healthy. (For more information, please see the article later in this KYC Mainsheet newsletter.)

June, 2017 was an extremely busy month at Kenosha Yacht Club.

Sunday, June 4th marked the 59th Annual Blessing of the Fleet at Kenosha Yacht Club.  Of special note, Blessing Chair Emeritus Rita LaPoint was unable to attend and participate in the Memorial Ceremony.  Rita sent a message to the attendees that she would do her best to provide good weather.  It worked…..we can thank Rita once again for the remarkable record of perfect weather for Blessing of the Fleet!!!  The Blessing of the Fleet was certainly not the same without Rita and we hope she will be back for the 60th Anniversary next year in June, 2018.  Our friend and Past Commodore Carol Stanley is to be commended for gracefully and honorably filling in for Rita in the solemn Memorial Ceremony.  Past Commodore Doug Vaccarello was once again flawless in his role as Master of Ceremonies.  On behalf of KYC, I would like to thank Carol and Doug, the Blessing of the Fleet Committee, the honorable speakers, distinguished guests and all attendees.  All who worked very hard to ensure this long-time tradition continues at KYC are to be commended.

The KYC/KCSC Open House was on Saturday, June 10th.  Beautiful but windy weather, boat rides and awesome refreshments were plentiful.  Several new members were recruited at the event.  Thanks to all volunteers involved in the planning, preparation and running of the KYC/KCSC Open House.  Special thanks to Past KCSC President Joyce Rinehart and KYC Vice Commodore and Membership Committee Chairman Bob Rinehart for their tireless efforts.

Monitor the KYC Website for details on all upcoming social events.

Reminder……the club needs some members to run the KYC booth at this summer’s Harbor Market on July 1st, 8th and 15th in Kenosha.  Volunteers are requested to send an e-mail to the KYC club e-mail address to provide name & contact information with notification of intention to assist.  It is crucial to obtain sufficient volunteers to spread around the effort.  I am certain our club members will step up to continue KYC’s involvement in the Kenosha Area Community.

Summer has officially arrived and Fourth of July is fastly approaching.  Be safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday and summer season.

Happy Boating!!!

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

Over the years we know the city has made changes in our harbor, most good I would say, but also some dumb moves.  I suppose we could chalk it up to most of our city fathers are not (or were not) really interested in the development of the harbor facilities.

For example back in 1879, some 43 years after the founding of our city, an article showed up in the local newspaper, the Kenosha Courier Telegraph about harbor Improvements back then.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Thursday, September 4, 1879.

Harbor Improvements

The harbor has been improved this season by dredging, repairing and an extension of the north pier further into the lake.  And further docking this season is contemplated by those owning property bordering on the harbor.  Some of the contemplated docking would have been now completed, but for the Aldermen refusing to grant the same right to some that others have taken in docking so far out into the channel.  The east end of the Allen dock (where the yacht club now stands) is farther out than it should be; but if it to remain, why cannot others build their docks to correspond with it; making a straight dock to the north approach of the new bridge at the first row of piles, leaving 36 feet between the dock and channel.  Give all that wish to dock the same privilege as Mr. Allen has, or compel him to move his dock back, leaving more space for the channel.  This dock remaining as it is, gives ample room for all navigation that will be above Main Street Bridge for many years to come. New docking on either side of the creek will improve the appearance of the harbor, and contribute to the sanitary condition around it.  We hope our Board of Audit will take the liberal view of this matter, and not act against the best interest of the city by preventing private citizens from improving their harbor lots.  Encourage improvements rather than discourage them.  Every dock added to the harbor, adds more wealth to the city.  Kenosha has struggled long and hard to succeed and make the city a prosperous one. The harbor completed up to Grand Street (now 6th Avenue) Bridge will add a vast amount of business; then we shall witness great prosperity we so long have been hoping for.  We have some citizens that have exerted themselves commendably to improve the harbor and railroad facilities, and are rewarded, if not pecuniarily, with the satisfaction that their effort has not been in vain.  The business of the harbor has been more, up to the present time than ever before in one season.  I hope more of our men who have means, will lend a helping hand and make our city a thriving one.  It should and can be made so.  If the city is liberal, another railway will give us a branch of their road, thereby adding another avenue to business, and if that is done, other business will come here.  Kenosha is favorably located for all kinds of manufacture as to water and railway communication. It is a healthy city, has a delightful climate and pleasant residence locations.

Ed. C. Werner

Club News:

Upcoming Events

  • Next membership meeting is Tuesday July 11th, 7:00 PM
  • Kenosha Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes: Saturday July 8, 2017, 10:00am (see write-up below)
  •  Car Show: Saturday July 29, 2017 (see flyer below)

 Meet a Board Member:

We thought it would be a good idea for the members to obtain a little insight into their board members.  Meet the person behind the title:
  • Commodore – Mike Paulin
  • Vice Commodore – Bob Rienhart
  • Rear Commodore – Ron Otto
  • Secretary – Dana Fox
  • Treasurer – Chad Niemi
  • House Chairman – Jim Strouf
  • Trustee – Andy Cross
  • Trustee – Jack Ciesemier
  • Trustee – Deborah Strouf
  • Past Commodore – Ed Montano
Mike Paulin: Commodore

I am honored and humbled to represent my fellow KYC members as Kenosha Yacht Club Commodore.  I was Chicago born in 1963 and am part of a large family.  My brother John and I have been club members for more than a dozen years.  We own a Maxum 3000 powerboat with a home port on Lake Michigan.  I proudly hail from the Southside of Chicago with allegiance to the White Sox and all Chicago sports teams.

My affection for KYC is based on the decades of rich history and traditions of a club dating back to the early 1900s.  My enjoyment of Lake Michigan is enhanced by sharing it with club members through KYC events and activities.  The City of Kenosha is a great place to be in boating season with a small town charm and a beautiful scenic shore on Lake Michigan.  I encourage all KYC members to participate in social activities, formal events and committees.  I look forward to seeing everyone around the clubhouse as often as possible!!!

Bob Rinehart: Vice-Commodore
  • Why I like KYC (my favorite thing…)
    • I am enjoying serving as Vice-Commodore after five years as the KYC House Chair.  My spouse, Joyce, and I have been members for ten years and have especially enjoyed the activities of the club.  The times when we party together have given us the opportunity to get to know others and enjoy their company.  We are also appreciative of the fact that we are located on one of the incredible Great Lakes.
  • My boat
    • We have a Catalina 27 sailboat and are determined to get out on the lake this year after two years of not much sailing due to health issues.
  • My Passions
    • I have had my own maintenance company for years and even though I am partially retired, I continue to work in this field where I enjoy putting things back together and seeing them work again.
  • How the members can help me
    • I encourage members to be actively involved in the opportunities and member meetings at the KYC and to let me know if you have any ideas for ways in which we can make new members feel more welcome.
 Ron Otto: Rear Commodore
Kathy and I  have been members for 7 years although it seems like ages.
Started sailing and racing out of Racine but liked the size and atmosphere at KYC. So BonTemps (Blessings) was bought from a former member and the rest is history.  Been active in racing, KCSC (former Pres. Now Educational committee Adult chair), KYC governance (Trustee, Treasurer, Rear Commodore). Hope to further the KYC goals of supporting sailing and youth development in the community in a congenial, affordable, family friendly club.
“All for one and one for all”.
Chad Niemi: Treasurer
  • Why I like KYC (my favorite thing…)
    • The people that dedicate their time and energy to make the KYC what it is.  I love devoting my time with a group of people who are all working toward similar goals; providing sailing education to the community, being a good steward to our local environment (the lakefront), and creating a communal service for each of us (boat storage, haul-out/launch, blessing of the fleet, events/parties, a restaurant, a physical place to connect, and a darn good reason to come down to the lake).
  • My boat
    • I’m an aspiring boat owner.  I grew up on powerboats, always fantasizing about sailing.  Now that I’ve crewed for Ed on his Buc a few seasons, I’m in love!  (let’s hope I meant with sailing, not Ed)
  • My passions
    • Volleyball (I’m 1.5 decades past my prime…but I still enjoy playing competitively.  I’m playing grass triples next at the Waupaca Boat ride Tournament in Oshkosh.  Stop by if you want to see the spectacle of a bazillion volleyball matches all happening at once.)
    • Home improvement (well, anything improvement.  I could go for a good process improvement, too – I’m such a nerd).
    • Technology
    • Science
    • NPR podcasts
    • Helping my fellow earth dwellers
    • Past commodores with two letter names
      (couldn’t resist the temptation to continue the joke!)
  • How the members can help me
    • I’ve already received so much help by members who have quickly adjusted to my relentless pursuit of paper process reduction by submitting their reimbursement requests via email to the KYCMEMBERSHIP@gmail.com inbox, so thank you!
      Should you need to hold tight to a paper process, write your requests for reimbursement on the back of a $20 bill and mail it to my home address 🙂
    • Volunteer!!! (people who volunteer to help do anything, really do make this club a better place to be a part of.  It helps me to see people caring.)
Deb Strouf: Trustee and Events Chair
  • Why I like KYC (my favorite thing…)
    • My favorite thing about the KYC is the people.  When we first joined the club, in 2007; I participated mostly as a Tagalong with Jim, but as I got to know more and more people and saw their passion for the lake, boating and making the KYC a place that not only members could enjoy, but also the community…I was impressed.  Everyone I encountered was incredibly welcoming!  I have made some great friends becouse of the KYC.  And oh, the view…how can you not love that!!
  • My boat
    • The infamous, “Wind Lassie”  1974 34′ Irwin
    • I’m definitely a social cruiser, O leave the racing to Jim.
  • How the members can help me
    • I encourage all members to continue providing feedback regarding our events. Let me know what you like about our events, what you dislike and what you would like to see in the future.
    • As always, I encourage anyone that wants to help out, to reach out to me…we always need more hands on deck!!


  • Boat Launching (Doug Vaccarello)
    • Boats are in the water!
    • If you have any items on the dock, please take them home.
  • Racing News (John Weiss)
    • The KYC racing season is now in full swing.  New buoy locations are working out well (http://www.kenoshayachtclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/KYC-Race-Area.jpg).  Thanks to Dan Lane and Daniel Noah we have a Race Committee for 2017.  Hats off to the many volunteers that have made this season possible.
    • RaceQs: We will be using RaceQs again this year.  Watch the play by play online at our KYC RaceQs channel – http://raceqs.com/regattas/ 57164 .
    • Scoring: For 2017 we are scoring our races using two different methods 1) Traditional and 2) Handicap Scoring.  Handicap scoring is similar to golf or bowling.  This new scoring is to encourage new and less experienced sailors to participate in racing, with a better chance of winning.  The new handicapping system was developed by England’s RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and it’s called the NHC (National Handicap for Cruisers).  This system is is more like a bowling handicap that adjusts after every race.  The intent is to rate not only the boat, but the crew as well, and intended to make the finishes even closer and adjusts for PHRF ratings that may not be as accurate as some might think.  
      The RYA “positively encourages clubs adopting NHC for their cruiser racing to dual score with NHC and IRC. ”  (Or in our case, NHC and PHRF.)  KYC will score boats with both scoring systems.
      All Results using both scoring systems can be found on the KYC website under Racing Results.
    • Crew/Boat Finder:
      • There is a new for 2017 Bulletin Board for those looking for crew and those wanting to crew.
      • This can be for racing, cruising, or fun sailing.
      • The Bulletin Board is located under RACING on the KYC website: LINK

Membership Committee Report:

On behalf of the Membership Committee I thank all who attended or helped with the June 10th Open House in any way. Although our attendance was low it was a great day and at our Member Meeting on July 11th, we will vote in five new members who signed up that day.

KYC gives a big welcome to the following new members approved in May and June:

  •  Lisa and Stephen Rinehart
  •  Eric and Jane Larsen
  •  Mary Waldon and Steve Neuberger
  •  Sue and Jeff Schenning
  •  Mike and Tammi Abbey
  •  Brian Lucas
  •  Chuck and Susan Binzel
  •  Arthur Noel, Jr.

On another note, all our billing for membership renewals has been sent out via email unless a paper mailing was requested.  Thanks to all who have paid their membership renewal fees and we encourage those who haven’t submitted their renewal yet to do so soon.

Thanks for your patience with this year’s billings during this time of transition.  If you have questions about your billing or did not receive your invoice yet, please contact Lisa at kycmembership@gmail.com

Happy and safe boating to each of you,

Bob Rinehart, Vice-Commodore and Membership Chair


*Clean-up Day:  Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make KYC Ship Shape

 *NEEDED Harbor Market Volunteers

Spend a couple of hours at the Harbor Market and help out the Kenosha Community Sailing Center and the KYC

We are squared away on Harbor Market… We are scheduled to have a booth on July 1, 8 & 15. We need people to staff the booth on these days. It would be great if you could take 2 hours of your busy day to help out! I have included a link to a spreadsheet below. Anyone with this link can edit, feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might help out.
I heard from Mike Carmichael (owner Happenings Mag), he was very impressed with Mara, Max and Ethan when they were on the radio show talking about sailing in Kenosha… Great Job! We appreciate your efforts. 🙂
I also want to mention the effort that Sue Hill, Mary Curran Rhodes and Mara Alvarez are putting in to make the “Kenosha Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes” a success. Please reach out and see if you can assist them… a small effort can make a big difference!

If you have any questions send an email to info@kenoshasailing.org .

Thank you for considering this request!

Jim Buck (President – KCSC)



*Save the date – July 8th – Kenosha Walk & Fundraiser for Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes (WSOGL)                                         by Sue Hill

Mike Paulin, Julia Robson, Jim Buck, Sue Hill, Alyssa Armbruster

Do you love Lake Michigan?  If so, then be sure to join us on July 8th at the KYC.  Come meet Alyssa Armbruster and Julia Robson, who plan to walk 332+ miles to inspire, inform and invigorate others to take action for the Great Lakes and freshwater conservation.  The Kenosha Community Sailing Center and the KYC are co-sponsoring a Kenosha Walk to show support for this bigger effort.

To learn more about their walk and why they are doing it, check out the first official trailer for their documentary by clicking on this LINK.

Alyssa and Julia will lead the short walk (approximately 1 mile), which starts at 10:00.  Points of interest such as the boardwalk and plantings, will be highlighted.

Activities on July 8th:

  • The U.S. Coast Guard is participating and will have their 45 foot response boat moored at the KYC for tours from 9:30 through 12:30.
  • The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be providing information on pollution control.
  • Short walk starts at 10:00 (suitable for strollers; approximately 1 mile)
  • The Rayni Day Productions film crew will be there to collect footage and interviews as part of the documentary.

Walk participants can climb the Southport Lighthouse for ½ price!  Visit the Kenosha History Center and Light Keeper’s house (always free).

We look forward to seeing you at the KYC on July 8th!  If you have questions, please email Kenosha.walk@gmail.com

Please check out their website, follow their Facebook page and consider donating.  All donations are tax-deductible and will be given to environmental non-profits within the Great Lakes basin that participate in Great Lakes restoration, research and education.  See http://www.wsogl.com/

 Sue Hill

KCSC News:

  • New Hartley’s:
    • KCSC has received their new Hartley’s!!!!


Letter from the Editor:

I hope you enjoy the added sections of the Mainsheet.  If you have any ideas for improvements please let me know.  Remember this is your Newsletter!

Racing is alive and well at KYC and the surrounding ports.  Thursday’s we are starting between 9-12 boats and Sunday’s 4-5 boats.  Many thanks to Dan Lane, Daniel Noah and John Weiss for handling race committee.  The races have been going smoothly and  we can always use more boats on the starting line.  It’s fun and a great excuse to go out sailing.

A number of KYC members raced the Double Hander (Winthrop to Port Washington) on June 15th.  Thirty boats started the race and KYC made a nice overall showing:

  • 2nd: Wind Lassie: Jim Strouf, Randy Bredin (1st in Division)
  • 3rd: Sirocco: Doug Vaccarello, Jerry Ruffolo (2nd in Division)
  • 8th: Joan Claire: Jim Pappas, Ralpf Ruffolo (3rd in Division)
  • 9th: Kookaburra: Lee Rosenbaum, Chad Kurszewski (4th in Division)
  • 13th: Takedown-2: Ron Otto, Bob Kearns (4th in Division)
  • 24th: Liberty Too: Bill Bielanski, Kevin Richmond (2nd in Division)

The Queens Cup starts June 23 (Milwaukee’s South Shore Yacht Club to South Haven, MI).  Good luck to all KYC racers participating in the race.

Sailor’s Dictionary: A ‘Calm’ is sea condition characterized by the simultaneous disappearance of the wind and the last cold beverage.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum