July Mainsheet 2017


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Hello Fellow KYC Members,

This weekend is Tribute Island Music Festival, a City of Kenosha/Happenings Magazine/Wisconsin Tourism live music event on Simmons Island scheduled for Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23.  KYC members are not allowed to drive motor vehicles onto Simmons Island to the Kenosha Yacht Club during the two days of this event, so plan accordingly.  KYC members can certainly walk to the yacht club by entering the festival grounds through the general public entrance gates and paying the festival admission fee.  The Lake House Bar and Grille will be open both days.  Cover bands will play on several stages all day long on Saturday and Sunday.  Additional information can be found on the City of Kenosha website under News/Special Events.  Enjoy the Tribute Island Music Festival if you are able to attend.  It should be great summer good times!!  Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping KYC accommodate this unique and fun special event in Kenosha.

On Saturday, July 8th, an important and unique event took place at our clubhouse and surrounding area.  The Kenosha Yacht Club and Kenosha Community Sailing Center co-sponsored this Kenosha event to support the Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  Thanks to all individuals and organizations who were present to support this event by donating, walking or participating in the other activities.  KYC was honored by the participation of Mayor John Antaramian and The U.S. Coast Guard in the event.  The U.S. Coast Guard moored their 45-foot response boat at the KYC for tours.  The 1 mile walk, led by Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbruster of Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes, brought attention to the beauty, majesty and importance of the Great Lakes.  The Kenosha History Center offered 1/2 price tickets to climb the old lighthouse tower of which I and other walkers took advantage.  Kenosha has an impressive and fascinating history that the Kenosha History Center displays so well.  Thanks also to Kenosha News, Kenosha Sportfishing and Conservation Association, City of Kenosha Water Utility, Seebeck Gallery, Lucky Dog Charters, Minuteman Press-Kenosha, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Southport Marina for their various contributions to the event.  A film crew for the documentary was there to film the event.  On behalf of KYC, we are proud to have participated in a rare and significant local event supporting an even bigger regional endeavor with such notoriety.  Please continue to support this great cause, because we all have a stake in keeping the Great Lakes clean and healthy.  Finally, and most importantly, KYC Member Sue Hill is recognized for an incredible effort as the organizer of this Kenosha event.  This very successful Kenosha event to support Julia and Alyssa’s Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes cause does not happen without her.  Sue had a brilliant idea and followed through with tenacious, unwavering and tireless planning and execution of this event.  All KYC members please join me in expressing gratitude to Sue Hill for a job well done that brought such positive attention to KYC and KCSC and such strong awareness to the important cause of Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes!!!  Thanks also to all KYC and KCSC members who helped out to make this event happen.  Through the Kenosha event, organizations and individuals combined to donate over $1,000 to Great Lakes causes.  Best Wishes for much continued success to Julia and Alyssa in their upcoming 332+ mile walk and related endeavors for their worthy cause.

Wednesday, August 2 is another Northwoods League Home Run Derby.  The event in Kenosha Harbor is hosted by the Kenosha Kingfish baseball organization.  This should be an awesome experience similar to last year’s event.  I saw video footage of last year’s event on ESPN and CBS Sports.  KYC Dock and Derrick Chairman Doug Vaccarello will need a crew to help the Kingfish setup the home run fence and foul poles (using sailboat masts) in the water and providing other assistance.  Send a message to the KYC email address if you are interested in helping out.  Plan to visit the Lake House Bar and Grille on August 2.  The Kenosha Yacht Club will be a fun place to be that evening with a good view of the Kingfish event as we will watch baseballs fly into the water in front of the club.  A live band and fireworks were part of the Kingfish’s activities last year.  Another KYC Outing at the Kenosha Kingfish is a possibility.  Last year’s outing was a home run blast and I hope we can do it again!!!

Monitor the KYC Website for details on all upcoming social events.

Good Luck to all KYC members participating this month in the Hook Sail Race from Racine to Marinette/Menominee and the Chicago to Mackinac Sail Race!!!!

It is getting hot.  Continue to be safe, enjoy the rest of summer and Happy Boating!!!

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

By the year 1906 the Kenosha harbor was a definite cesspool!  It was not described as a foul smelling body of water or, more mildly stated, that the harbor smelled bad.  No, it was aptly described as having a definite “Stench”!

Can you imagine, after reading the following article, what it was like to be a boater?  Or what it must have been like to live on the north side of the harbor?  And, how about the personnel living at the lighthouse or the Life Saving Station?

Thinking about it, why did it take so long before the city officials took action to clean up the harbor?

July 12, 1906   The Telegraph-Courier

                        WILL CURB STENCH

 Tannery Officials Meet Health Committee Half Way in Effort to Clean Kenosha River

                         RIVER TO BE DREDGED NOW

 Company Will Also Make New Arrangement for the Disposal of Refuse so as to Purify

Water-Gas Company to Follow

The stench from the tannery, which for years has been a blight to the property on the North side of the city is to be curbed and the Kenosha river (Pike Creek) which has been hindered in its flow y the refuse from the institution is to be dredged out and an effort will be made to keep it clean in the future.

This morning Mayor Gorman, City Attorney Slater, Health Officer John B. Spalding an Alderman C. Fred Stemm of the Sixth ward, went to the office of the tannery to consult with the officials of the company as to what steps were to be taken to clean up the river and if possible do away with the stench.

C.W. Allen met the committee more than half way and advised the members that the company had already taken steps to secure the changes desired.  He stated that the company was willing to meet every demand in reason that the committee could make and that the reforms would be started at once.  The company, before the visit of the committee, had made arrangements for the dredging of the river, and the dredges will be here within a few days to clean the river along the tannery docks.

The company has also arranged for the building of a catch basin along the docks to catch the refuse from the various buildings.  Added to this a platform will be erected on which all animal matter will be thrown, and from this platform it will be hauled away and buried or burned.  The great objection has come from the fact that animal matter dumped into the river has been thrown up on the banks by the tide, and with the coming of warm weather an awful stench arises from this dried matter.

With the changes now planned it is thought that this will all be done away with and that the only refuse poured into the river will be the liquor from the vats.  There is no stench connected with the liquor.  The river was dredged five years ago at the expense of the company and the work this year will be done in the same matter.  This afternoon the committee made a visit to the plant of the Kenosha Gas and Electric Company and the officials of this company have agreed to do all in their power to do away with the nuisances.

The matter of putting a flushing tunnel in the river was discussed but it is not thought that this can be done.  In other cities the flushing tunnels have been put in by the cities and it would be impossible with the present financial condition of Kenosha to make these changes.

Ed. C. Werner

Club News:

Upcoming Events

  • Next membership meeting is Tuesday August 1st, 7:00 PM
  • Tribute Island Music Festival, July 22, 23 (see info in commodore’s letter)
  •  Car Show: Saturday July 29, 2017 (see flyer in last months Mainsheet)
  • Kenosha Kingfish Home Run Derby, August 2nd, 5:00pm

Upcoming Board Member Elections:

Note from the board about Elections to Clarify the process from the By-laws:
Section 1 Election of Officers
The election of officers will be held at the annual membership meeting in October. On or about the first of August, the Board of Directors will appoint a nominating committee of five (5) members consisting of four voting members with five years tenure and a chairperson, being an active past Commodore.
This committee will nominate a member of the Club for each office including that of the Trustees to be filled at the annual election. These nominations should be certified to the Recording Secretary of the Club in writing on or before August 20th.
It is the duty of the committee or any group nominating a candidate to provide a written acceptance and to serve as an officer for the Club. The acceptance must be filed by August 20th.
Once the nominating committee has chosen a candidate for Commodore, they may seek the candidate’s advice on the nominations.
The Recording Secretary will then post the nominations, known as the “Nominating Committee’s Slate,” in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
If no other nominations are made, as provided in Article VII, Section 2, the Recording Secretary will cast one ballot at the annual election for the group nominated. These will then become the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year and until their successors are duly elected.
Page 15
Section 2 Other Nominations
At the September membership meeting any member qualified to vote can nominate another member for an office, if he or she agrees to being put on the slate, for election at the annual meeting in October. Any nomination must be seconded and the member being nominated must be present to accept. The Recording Secretary will post the nominations in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
The Recording Secretary will then notify the Board of Directors of all nominations. At the annual election, the members qualified to vote will vote for one person for each office from the nominations, and upon the ballots distributed by tellers appointed by the presiding officer of the meeting. The candidates receiving the majority of votes cast for all candidates for each office shall be the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year, beginning on the first Tuesday of November. In the event no candidate receives a majority of votes cast for any one office, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall have a run-off between them until one receives a majority of votes cast.
Section 3 Qualified Voters
Only members whose indebtedness to the Club is paid up to within one month of any membership meeting shall be entitled to vote at the annual elections meeting. A member who is qualified to vote may vote in person or by written proxy.


  • Boat Launching (Doug Vaccarello)
    • Boats are in the water!
  • Racing News (John Weiss)
    •      As you read this article the 2017 KYC racing season is now over 1/2 way complete.  That’s hard to believe as it seems that the summer just started.  We have now completed 3 Thursday races (2 additional aborted due to wind dying) and 4 Sunday races.  The new buoy layout is resulting in some great creativity in courses.  Courses can be as short as 2 miles and can range from windward/leeward to round the buoys or crisscrossing.  We’ve done them all this year.
           I’d also like to invite our power boating friends to come out to spectate on Thursdays or Sundays.  The course legs are only 1 mile so if you drift to the side of the course, you can get some great viewing.  It really makes for a great evening on the water.  Maybe motor behind the fleet to watch the action, then return to the club for some comradery and a few beverages.
    • All Racing Results using both scoring systems can be found on the KYC website under Racing Results.
    • Crew/Boat Finder:
      • There is a new for 2017 Bulletin Board for those looking for crew and those wanting to crew.
      • This can be for racing, cruising, or fun sailing.
      • The Bulletin Board is located under RACING on the KYC website: LINK
Kookaburra & September Song
Sunday Race



*Queens Cup Photos

Lizard: Eric Routman, Bob Kearns, Randy Bredin, Bob Arndt, Marc Southard
Wind Lassie: Jim Strouf
Kookaburra: Adam & Lee Rosenbaum, Chuck Binzel, Chad Kurszewski

 *Hook Race Photos

Video of the 2017 Hook Race taken by Lee Rosenbaum can be seen athttps://youtu.be/oduUkKYkqxg

Wind & Waves: They are never what you want, where you want, when you want.

 *Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes – Kenosha Event


The Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes – Kenosha event was a big success!  Over 70 people (including 50+ walkers) visited the Kenosha Yacht Club and Kenosha Community Sailing Center (KCSC) on July 8, and over $1,000 was raised for environmental non-profit organizations working to sustain the Great Lakes.  We were especially pleased with the Kenosha News coverage, which helped raise community awareness of the KYC and KCSC (official co-sponsors of the event):

Mayor Antaramian kicked off the event and delivered an important and timely message for the Kenosha community:  We all need to be stewards of Lake Michigan and the future of the Great Lakes is in our hands.  He emphasized how important Lake Michigan is to everyone in Kenosha.

Highlights on the short one-mile walk included stops in which Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbruster educated walkers on topics related to Lake Michigan improvements and continuing challenges.

Partners who helped make this a success included:

  • S. Coast Guard (tours of their 45’ response boat)
  • S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (pollution control information and games)
  • Kenosha Sport Fishing & Conservation Association (Pike river clean-up and conservation information)
  • City of Kenosha Water Utility (Traveling Tap and free water bottles)
  • Rayni Day Productions film crew (collected footage & interviews for the documentary)
  • Sponsors at the $100 level included the KYC, Kenosha Sport Fishing & Conservation, Lucky Dog Charters, and Southport Marina. Seebeck Gallery donated bookmarks.
  • Minuteman Press – Kenosha donated printing of all flyers and posters for the event.
  • Lake House Bar & Grill (opened one hour early, and offered a burger and drink special to support the event)

Last, a big thank you goes to the volunteers who helped make this a success, in particular Jim Buck, President, KCSC; Mike Paulin, Commodore, KYC; Deb Strouf, Board Member/KYC Event Coordinator; KCSC and KYC Board members who attended planning meetings, etc., and numerous KYC and KCSC volunteers who helped on July 8th.  Thank you!

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?:  The big send-off!  August 26th is the official send off for their 332+ mile hike.  It will take place at the Discovery Center in Milwaukee (11:00 – noon).  The event is free, open to the public and will coincide with Discovery World’s “Science Saturday” activities and the Kohls Design It! Lab, which will offer crafts and fun experiments for kids and adults. At noon, folks may join Julia and Alyssa for the first mile of their journey along the beautiful lakefront on the Oak Leaf Trail!

Follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WSOGL/ or http://www.wsogl.com/

Consider donating to help them meet their fundraising goal, and follow their journey to learn more about Lake Michigan and Great Lakes issues.

 Sue Hill

*Jack Cesiemer turned 80

KYC member and Board Trustee Jack Cesiemer turned 80 years old this month and received quite the surprise from his family – A brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee!!!  While Jack will miss his trusty Volvo (she was coming up on 300K miles); be looking for him around the KYC in his new ride!

Jack Cesiemer’s Birthday Surprise From his family

Letter from the Editor:

I hope you are enjoying the Mainsheet.  If you have any ideas for improvements or content please let me know.  Remember this is your Newsletter!

There has been a lot of Port-to-Port races over the past month. Here’s a summary.

Eric Routman (Lizard) finished first on the Chicago to Waukegan race.

A number of KYC members raced the Queens Cup (Milwaukee to South Haven, MI) on June 23rd.  133 boats started the race and KYC made a nice overall showing:

  • 1st: Wind Lassie: Jim & Dave Strouf, (1st in Double Handed Division)
  • 2nd: Aces Dream: Brian Hettrick (2nd in Cruising Division)
  • 33rd: Lizard: Eric Routman, Bob Kearns, Randy Bredin, Bob Arnt, Marc Southard(3rd in Division)
  • 51st: Kookaburra: Lee Rosenbaum, Chad Kurszewski, Chuck Binzel, Adam Rosenbaum (5th in Division)
  • Ed Montano crewed on Rambler out of Chicago: 9th overall (4th in Division).  We won’t hold it against him for not sailing on a KYC boat.

Ron Otto (Takedown-2) raced in the Solo Mac (Chicago to Mackinac Island).  This is a grueling solo race taking Ron 55:31:18 (yes that is over two days straight of racing solo). Congrats Ron on completing this challenge.  And don’t forget he had to sail the boat back to Kenosha too.

The Hook Race started on July 15th (Racine to Upper Door County’s  Menominee, MI). Nine KYC boats started the race out of the 32 boats.  Congrats to all that finished as it was a grueling race.

  • 1st: Sirocco: Doug Vaccarello, Jerry Ruffolo, Jon Seebeck, Max Seebeck (PHRF-3)
  • 2nd: Kookaburra: Lee Rosenbaum, Chad Kurszewski (Double Handed Division)
  • 3rd: Wind Lassie: Jim & Dave Strouf (Double Handed Division)
  • 7th: Takedown 2: Ron Otto, (PHRF-1)

Ed Montano raced the 109th Chicago to Mackinac Island on Rambler finishing 51 out of 81 in their division.  They gave assistance to another boat during the race.

Sailor’s Dictionary: A Flashlight is a tubular metal container used for storing dead batteries prior to their disposal.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum