August Mainsheet 2017


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Hello Fellow KYC Members,

Congratulations to all the KYC members who participated last month in the the Hook Sail Race from Racine to Marinette/Menominee with racing results which were an impressive showing for our club!!!!

On Saturday, July 8th, an important and unique event took place at our clubhouse and surrounding area.  The Kenosha Yacht Club and Kenosha Community Sailing Center co-sponsored this Kenosha event to support the Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  The 1 mile walk, led by Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbruster of Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes, brought attention to the beauty, majesty and importance of the Great Lakes.  The time has arrived for Julia and Alyssa to begin their 332+ mile walk from Milwaukee to Lake Superior.  If you are able, please attend the sendoff event starting at 11:00am on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at Discovery World (500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202 ) and join Julia and Alyssa for a fun community event to celebrate the start of their journey to raise awareness for our Great Lakes!  The sendoff event is free and open to the public, no registration required.  The event will coincide with Discovery World’s “Science Saturday” activities and the Kohls Design It! Lab will be set up offering crafts and fun experiments for kids and adults to partake in!  Additional information can be found at their website  On behalf of KYC, we are proud to have participated in a rare and significant local Kenosha event supporting an even bigger regional endeavor with such notoriety – Julia and Alyssa’s Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  Please continue to support this great cause, because we all have a stake in keeping the Great Lakes clean and healthy.  Best Wishes for much continued success to Julia and Alyssa in their upcoming 332+ mile walk and related endeavors for their worthy cause.

Tribute Island Music Festival, a City of Kenosha/Happenings Magazine/Wisconsin Tourism live music event on Simmons Island occurred on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23.  The event planning, preparation and operation was well done.  Cover bands played on several stages all day long on Saturday and Sunday.  It was great summer good times!!  Thank you to all KYC Members for your patience and cooperation in helping KYC accommodate this unique and fun special event in Kenosha.

It is the time of year when formal clubhouse events slow down as members are sail racing, enjoying recreational boating on Lake Michigan and other late summer activities.  It is a good time to remind KYC Members regarding the existing procedures and requirements that are still in place for end of season boat haul outs and winter storage.  The KYC Board will use the previous list of KYC Members utilizing winter boat storage at the club and discuss changes, if any, to the list with Dock and Derrick Chairman Doug Vaccarello.  Documents for end of season boat haul outs and winter storage will be sent to KYC Members on the current list.  A completed contract, payment and proof of insurance must be sent to and received by Kenosha Yacht Club prior to boat haul out.  KYC Members should talk to Doug Vaccarello with questions or interest regarding the waiting list for winter boat storage at KYC.

Monitor the KYC Website for details on all upcoming social events including plans for a bitter-end party on September 30th after the last sail race.

Last item to address, ‘tis the season for nominations and elections for the 2017/2018 KYC Board.  Please refer to the “Upcoming Board Member Elections” section in the KYC Mainsheet for detailed information on this subject.

Enjoy the rest of summer and hang out in the outside areas of the Lake House Bar and Grille while the good weather lasts.  Happy Boating!!!


Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

View from the Lantern Room

Summer is slipping by, but a historian’s life is never done.  That statement means nothing but it does get me to start my August Mainsheet article.  And what about my article?  Reminds me of the time I was giving my dissertation at the 1866 lighthouse to a senior group of visitors. During the presentation I mentioned that there were no lighthouses in the State of Arizona.  After my presentation, one of the guests came up to me and said, that there was once a lighthouse in Arizona! She mentioned that back in the wagon days on the trail to the west coast that in Arizona someone had lite a light in the desert for travelers to find water!  They called that light a lighthouse!  A good story, I thought, though I never used it.

A couple of weeks ago a niece of mine, who now resides in Arizona, after I told this story to her said, “Oh yes, we do have lighthouses in Arizona!”  She said, “I’ll send you some information on that.”  Well, she did, and this is what I learned from that!

Lighthouses of the United States:  Arizona    

                The U.S. state of Arizona is landlocked and mostly desert; navigation is limited to the lakes created by a series of dams on the Colorado River, including the section that forms the border between Arizona and California.  One of these lakes is Lake Havasu, where the diligent members of the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club have built a series of lighthouses.    These lights are reduced size replicas inspired by famous lighthouses of the U.S. and Canada. The lights are legitimate aids to navigation, with designs approved by the Coast Guard and locations approved by the state as part of a master plan for lighting the waterways of the lake.  The plan calls for more than 20 lighthouses, including several on the California side of the lake.

The information described above is part of  A very interesting insight to all the lighthouses, by State, including our lighthouse in the Wisconsin section.

Special thanks to my niece, Cathy Campbell, now of Huachuca City, Arizona.

Ed. C. Werner

Club News:

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC membership meeting is Tuesday September 12th, 7:00 PM
  • Bitter-End party on September 30th after the last sail race (stay tuned for info.)

Upcoming Board Member Elections:

The Nominating Committee would like to present its recommended slate for the upcomming (November) Board elections

            Position                         Recommendation

  • Commodore                  Robert Rinehart
  • Vice Commodore        Ron Otto
  • Rear Commodore       Deb Strouf
  • Secretary                        Lee Rosenbaum
  • Treasurer                        Jack Ciesemier
  • Trustee                            Andy Cross
  • Trustee                            Tom Deters
  • Trustee                            Dan Newman
  • House Director             Jim Strouf
  • Past Commodore        Michael Paulin

We would like to thank the Nominating Committee for their efforts

  • Doug Vaccarello
  • Jim Buck
  • Tom Deters
  • Ed Montano
  • Mike Marquardt
Note from the board about Elections to Clarify the process from the By-laws:
Section 1 Election of Officers
The election of officers will be held at the annual membership meeting in October. On or about the first of August, the Board of Directors will appoint a nominating committee of five (5) members consisting of four voting members with five years tenure and a chairperson, being an active past Commodore.
This committee will nominate a member of the Club for each office including that of the Trustees to be filled at the annual election. These nominations should be certified to the Recording Secretary of the Club in writing on or before August 20th.
It is the duty of the committee or any group nominating a candidate to provide a written acceptance and to serve as an officer for the Club. The acceptance must be filed by August 20th.
Once the nominating committee has chosen a candidate for Commodore, they may seek the candidate’s advice on the nominations.
The Recording Secretary will then post the nominations, known as the “Nominating Committee’s Slate,” in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
If no other nominations are made, as provided in Article VII, Section 2, the Recording Secretary will cast one ballot at the annual election for the group nominated. These will then become the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year and until their successors are duly elected.
Page 15
Section 2 Other Nominations
At the September membership meeting any member qualified to vote can nominate another member for an office, if he or she agrees to being put on the slate, for election at the annual meeting in October. Any nomination must be seconded and the member being nominated must be present to accept. The Recording Secretary will post the nominations in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
The Recording Secretary will then notify the Board of Directors of all nominations. At the annual election, the members qualified to vote will vote for one person for each office from the nominations, and upon the ballots distributed by tellers appointed by the presiding officer of the meeting. The candidates receiving the majority of votes cast for all candidates for each office shall be the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year, beginning on the first Tuesday of November. In the event no candidate receives a majority of votes cast for any one office, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall have a run-off between them until one receives a majority of votes cast.
Section 3 Qualified Voters
Only members whose indebtedness to the Club is paid up to within one month of any membership meeting shall be entitled to vote at the annual elections meeting. A member who is qualified to vote may vote in person or by written proxy.

Membership Committee Report:

The KYC Membership Committee and the entire Kenosha Yacht Club welcome our newest members:

  • Mark & Jay Hawkins
  • Mark & Lynda Fulkes
  • Charles Wilson & Kate Gillogly
  • Wayne & Denise Kaleciak
  • Paul W. Peterson
  • Eric & Diane Routman
  • Diego Rael

Hope to see all of you around the club often!

Bob Rinehart, Vice-Commodore and Membership Chair


  • Boat Haul Out (Doug Vaccarello)
    • A completed contract, payment and proof of insurance must be sent to and received by Kenosha Yacht Club prior to boat haul out.
    • Information is being sent to those on the list for keeping their boat on the hard at KYC over the winter.
  • Racing News (John Weiss)
    • With only a few weeks of racing remaining, I’d like to call out to our membership to see if there is interest for 2018 Race Committee.  Dan Lane has once again been a great race committee but I’m guessing he’ll want to race his boat in 2018.  So, if you have a boat and would like a reason to use it, KYC racing is here to help.  A non-racing boat is preferred.A great way to understand what’s involved would be to join Dan for a Thursday evening this summer – its pretty easy and fun.  Here’s an overview of what KYC racing needs:KYC Racing Needs:
      • Racing starts last week of May, ends mid-September
      • Race committee for Thursday evenings ~6pm to ~8pm
      • Race committee for Sundays mornings ~ 10:30am to 1pm nice to have but Thursday is more important
      • Commitment to as many dates as possible but flexible if you need dates off, would like 60 to 70% of dates so we have consistency


      • Start races on time
      • Finish races
      • Scoring (optional)
      • Safety boat
      • Enjoy


      • Admiration of your fellow KYC members
      • $50/date to help offset your fuel and expenses
      • Learn about sailboat racing
      • Boating karma – the weather gods will look favorable upon your vessel

      Please reach out to John Weiss if you are interested – or 262-652-6964.

    • All Racing Results using both scoring systems can be found on the KYC website under Racing Results.

KCSC News:

I wanted to share this email and pictures with all of you. First, thanks Captain Mike for making this happen.  This is meeting our goal of reaching awareness of our organization in the Kenosha Community.  (Jim Buck)

Hello, Jim & Lori!

Our group purchased a sailing trip at the Hospice Alliance Gala and couldn’t be happier with the decision!  We scheduled our sailing trip to celebrate two of the birthdays in our group and it was a truly magical excursion.  We loved watching the sunset over our hometown from Lake Michigan.  Captain Mike also took extra good care of us and accommodated our request to sail past our home on 3rd Avenue.  We are grateful to have the KCSC in our community and look forward to going on a sail again soon!  

Thank you,
Jennifer Dooley

Happy sailors on Magic


*The Montano’s Lift Anchor

When Ed and I moved to Kenosha, we never imagined how full our life would become here. We have been on the go since we got the keys to our front door and we would not have it any other way. It has been a wild ride between regular life, sailing, and Kenosha Yacht Club. However, and alas, we have been offered an amazing opportunity to hit some of the coolest rivers, maneuver some of the most marvelous locks, and see some amazing country in the United States. We are lifting anchor and attempting to complete the Great Loop through the next year.

We are beyond excited and there is a lot to do in the next month before we leave, but we are ready to see what this adventure has to offer us. The funny thing is, is that we seem to forget that as adults we can do whatever we want. We spend time reading things we should or should not do, we seek out advice, we look for answers, but we forget that ultimately are free to do what we want. Aside from just “getting away,” Ed and I are looking forward to slowing down and enjoying being on the water. Though, we anticipate problems, the prospect of adventure was too strong to turn down.

The boat we will be living on for a year is a True North 38, which is technically a down east lobster style boat. It has a large transom area with a picnic boat-like back end, meant for company and a great day out on the boat. The galley, dining area, and cockpit all reside under a hard top with canvas or screen window for protection off the end. There is one forward birth cabin, with a full head and shower down below as well. The table, lowered on hydraulics, also serves as a guest bed, so we are definitely looking forward to visits from family and friends. There is plenty of room for Laina’s bed and we are gearing up for lots of family time on our 38 foot house for the next year.

Please stay tuned to the next Mainsheet as we will get Lee information on our website and blog documenting our journey. We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and we look forward to sharing our adventure with you!

-Ed Montano and Shannon Devine

Great Loop


Letter from the Editor:

A proud father has to gloat.  My son Adam (who crews with us) got married on August 12th to the love of his life, Maddie.  It was a lovely affair and we could not be more happy for them.  They are honeymooning in the Galapagos Islands.  If you remember from school, Charles Darwin (work on evolution) made some of his discoveries there.  The animals are not afraid of humans so swimming with the penguins or approaching the giant tortoises, marine iguanas or Blue Footed Boobies are easy.

Best of all, not only did I gain a daughter, but maybe even another crew member!!

Sailor’s Dictionary: Port is a fine wine, always stowed on the left side of the boat.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum