September Mainsheet 2017


NOTE: Make sure you at least glance through the whole newsletter.


Hello Fellow KYC Members,

I was excited to hear about The Great Loop boat trip about to begin for KYC members Ed Montano and Shannon Devine.  Most people only dream or talk about such a trip.  I admire their bold adventurous spirit in not just wanting to but actually doing it.  I would like to embark on such a trip someday.  Club members can read the article in the August, 2017 KYC Mainsheet for information about their trip.  Best wishes and good luck to Ed and Shannon in their maritime adventure starting soon.  I look forward to your return and to hearing about The Great Loop Trip and some related fascinating good stories. (Great going away party on Saturday, September 9!!!!!)

On Saturday, July 8th, an important and unique event took place at our clubhouse and surrounding area.  The Kenosha Yacht Club and Kenosha Community Sailing Center co-sponsored this Kenosha event to support the Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  The 1 mile walk, led by Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbruster of Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes, brought attention to the beauty, majesty and importance of the Great Lakes.  Julia and Alyssa have begun their 332+ mile walk from Milwaukee to Lake Superior.  They started their journey on Saturday, August 26, 2017 and are well over half way to the finish line.  Television and radio have covered their travel along the way.  Additional information can be found at their website and on Facebook.  On behalf of KYC, we are proud to have participated in a rare and significant local Kenosha event supporting an even bigger regional endeavor with such notoriety – Julia and Alyssa’s Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.  Please continue to support this great cause, because we all have a stake in keeping the Great Lakes clean and healthy.  Best Wishes for much continued success to Julia and Alyssa in their 332+ mile walk as they get closer to Lake Superior and in related future endeavors for their worthy cause.

It is the time of year when formal clubhouse events slow down as members are sail racing, enjoying recreational boating on Lake Michigan and other late summer/early fall activities.  It is a good time to remind KYC Members regarding the existing procedures and requirements that are still in place for end of season boat haul outs and winter storage.  The KYC Board will use the previous list of KYC Members utilizing winter boat storage at the club and discuss changes, if any, to the list with Dock and Derrick Chairman Doug Vaccarello.  Documents for end of season boat haul outs and winter storage will be sent to KYC Members on the current list or will be available online at KYC Website.  A completed contract, payment and proof of insurance must be sent to and received by Kenosha Yacht Club prior to boat haul out.  KYC Members should talk to Doug Vaccarello with questions or interest regarding the waiting list for winter boat storage at KYC.

Monitor the KYC Website for details on all upcoming social events including plans for a bitter-end party on September 30th after the last sail race.

Last item to address, ‘tis the season for nominations and elections for the 2017/2018 KYC Board.  Please refer to the “Upcoming Board Member Elections” section in the KYC Mainsheet for detailed information on this subject.

Well, this is it.  Hard to believe the clock is about to strike midnight for my time as KYC Commodore.  I would like to thank everyone who served as board members, committee members, worked in the office and/or participated & assisted in KYC events and activities during my two one-year terms.  I believe I am passing the torch to a new Commodore with the club in great shape.  Please join me in supporting and assisting the new Commodore in any and all ways.  I ask that all members strive to be more active in the club.  The more people involved in official capacities or just helping out will make for a better and stronger Kenosha Yacht Club.  I and others gave great efforts and sacrifices over the last two years and I hope KYC members will remember Commodore Mike Paulin and the board I served with as having completed a job well done resulting in Mission Accomplished (Please don’t be honest about your opinion of my Waypoints articles – ha ha).  I remember a lot of cool experiences and fun, but also many challenges along the way.  Overall, it was a great experience and I was honored and humbled to serve as your KYC Commodore.  Happy Boating!!!  I am now off to beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan for a fun time with my family at my niece’s wedding, so I will now be signing off for the last time as KYC Commodore……………….

Mike Paulin         commodore


Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club


Club News:

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC membership meeting is Tuesday October 3rd, 7:00 PM (Voting for new Board Members)
  • September 30 – Bitter End Race from Waukegan to Kenosha (Check the Website for developing details)
  • October 28thKYC Annual Halloween Party
  • November 11thInstallation of Officers Dinner
  • December 9th KYC Annual Christmas / Holiday Party

Upcoming Board Member Elections:

The Nominating Committee would like to present its recommended slate for the upcomming (November) Board elections

            Position                         Recommendation

  • Commodore                  Robert Rinehart
  • Vice Commodore        Ron Otto
  • Rear Commodore       Deb Strouf
  • Secretary                        Lee Rosenbaum
  • Treasurer                        Jack Ciesemier
  • Trustee                            Andy Cross
  • Trustee                            Tom Deters
  • Trustee                            Dan Newman
  • House Director             Jim Strouf
  • Past Commodore        Michael Paulin


Note from the board about Elections to Clarify the process from the By-laws:
Section 1 Election of Officers
The election of officers will be held at the annual membership meeting in October. On or about the first of August, the Board of Directors will appoint a nominating committee of five (5) members consisting of four voting members with five years tenure and a chairperson, being an active past Commodore.
This committee will nominate a member of the Club for each office including that of the Trustees to be filled at the annual election. These nominations should be certified to the Recording Secretary of the Club in writing on or before August 20th.
It is the duty of the committee or any group nominating a candidate to provide a written acceptance and to serve as an officer for the Club. The acceptance must be filed by August 20th.
Once the nominating committee has chosen a candidate for Commodore, they may seek the candidate’s advice on the nominations.
The Recording Secretary will then post the nominations, known as the “Nominating Committee’s Slate,” in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
If no other nominations are made, as provided in Article VII, Section 2, the Recording Secretary will cast one ballot at the annual election for the group nominated. These will then become the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year and until their successors are duly elected.
Page 15
Section 2 Other Nominations
At the September membership meeting any member qualified to vote can nominate another member for an office, if he or she agrees to being put on the slate, for election at the annual meeting in October. Any nomination must be seconded and the member being nominated must be present to accept. The Recording Secretary will post the nominations in the next Club newsletter or in a special mailing to members.
The Recording Secretary will then notify the Board of Directors of all nominations. At the annual election, the members qualified to vote will vote for one person for each office from the nominations, and upon the ballots distributed by tellers appointed by the presiding officer of the meeting. The candidates receiving the majority of votes cast for all candidates for each office shall be the duly elected officers and Trustees of the Club for the ensuing year, beginning on the first Tuesday of November. In the event no candidate receives a majority of votes cast for any one office, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall have a run-off between them until one receives a majority of votes cast.
Section 3 Qualified Voters
Only members whose indebtedness to the Club is paid up to within one month of any membership meeting shall be entitled to vote at the annual elections meeting. A member who is qualified to vote may vote in person or by written proxy.

Membership Committee Report:

The KYC Membership Committee and the entire Kenosha Yacht Club welcome our newest members:

  • Zach Albert
  • Fred Henry
  • Meryl Strichartz & Nicolet DaRose
  • Jim Niccolai
  • Darren & Jennifer Miller

Hope to see all of you around the club often!

We are especially grateful to the KCSC for inviting these new people into the KYC.  They have all been sailing on Tuesday night at the KCSC open sail and we wish them good sailing and a big welcome to the KYC. We look forward to your participation in our many events throughout the year and hope to see you at the next Member Meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

Bob Rinehart, Vice-Commodore and Membership Chair


  • Boat Haul Out (Doug Vaccarello)
    • A completed contract, payment and proof of insurance must be sent to and received by Kenosha Yacht Club prior to boat haul out.
    • The schedule for haul out is posted in the meeting room upstairs at KYC. Make sure you select your date now so we can arrange for your cradle to be transported to the dock.
    • Don’t forget, if your storing your boat at KYC you need to help on haul out days or you will incur an extra charge.  All others are welcome to help as well. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow members. (Saturdays in October: 8:00am – noon).
  • Racing News (John Weiss)

As I write this article, Thursday racing is finished for the 2017 season and we only have a few Sundays remaining.  It seems like summer just started but as a close friend reminds me “life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it spins…”  How about that for telling us to make sure we get as much time on the water as possible 🙂

Few notes:

Thank you to Dan Lane and Dan Noah for being the 2017 Thursday race committee.  You really had to negotiate some crazy weather and balance communication with us racers.  RC is not an easy job but critical to any program’s success.  Your decisiveness and commitment to running things “On Time” kept us all in line.  Looking to 2018, we will need a new race committee.  Please contact me (John Weiss – if you’d be interested in taking this post on.  We love power-boaters (I am one too) and this is a great way to make sure you spend time on your boat!

Thank you to Sandy for making improvements to the KYC medium size crane and fixing it again last week.  Your efforts are definitely appreciated and ensured our ability to dry sail from KYC.

Thank you to Chad & Ed and all that that contributed to re-positioning our buoys.  We’ll survey the fleet but my humble opinion is this configuration opened up a great variety of course options and we seemed to take advantage of them all.  Nice work!

As September draws to a close, we need to get the buoys out.  Current target date for removal is 9/24 as I’m not available again until mid-October…  I’d like to provide a preemptive “thank you” to Pete Thompson for providing the BoatUS boat for that crucial operation.  I would also ask everyone to buy BoatUS insurance to support Pete since he does such a great job supporting us.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the captains and crews.  You are the reason we put together this program.  I truly feel KYC racing is something that makes Kenosha special.  We have fun and we give the people that visit our lakefront something beautiful to watch in the summer evenings.  If you need a reminder, just take a look at Lee’s videos on YouTube.

We’ll do our usual post season debrief in November – I’ll offer up some dates in a few weeks.  We’ll also do our Winner’s Dinner in early spring to get everyone thinking warm summer thoughts.  Until then, let’s try to catch as many Friday happy hours so we can talk about Ed & Shannon behind their backs as they do the “Great Loop”.

    • All Racing Results can be found on the KYC website under Racing Results.



*Shannon & Ed’s Going Away Party: (by: Deb Strouf)

On September 9th, there was a Bon Voyage gathering to wish Shannon & Ed fair winds and smooth sailing as they prepare to depart on their year long adventure of The Great Loop. There was a large turnout of members, friends and family and some new friendships were made!

Blaise & Marley – New Friendships!………………Shannon & Ed Leaving Kenosha Harbor
Great Loop

*Event Planning: (by: Deb Strouf)

Attention all members new and old. The 2017 boating season will soon be wrapping up which means that the KYC Fall Events will soon be upon us.

  • September 30th – Bitter End Race from Waukegan to Kenosha (Check the Website for developing details)
  • October 28thKYC Annual Halloween Party
  • November 11thInstallation of Officers Dinner
  • December 9th KYC Annual Christmas / Holiday Party

Putting together a club event is a great way to get some hours in. If there are any members that are interested in running an event, or have an idea for a new event, please let a board or committee member know. Please remember that large club events do not need to be handled all by yourself. The club has been doing this for a long time, and there is no lack of knowledge or experience among the members when it comes to running an event. A committee can be assembled for large events, to help with making it run smoothly without a lot of stress.

Anyone that is interested, please contact:

View from the Lantern Room

September, the best sailing of the season, I always thought.  A sloppy sea, consistant winds, no (or very few) power boats out there and water running down the lee rail when close-hauled.  Oh yes, great sailing!

With the closing of the sailing season, though, we still had a party (or two) on the yacht club dock.  For example, back in 1958, my goodness, that’s 59 years ago, we had the annual “bratwurst/corn” cook-out.

                               Yacht Club Plans Cook-out

One of the most popular social events on the Kenosha Yacht Club calendar will take place Sunday, September 7, when the annual “bratwurst and corn” cook-out is held on the club dock from 3 to 8 p.m.  This event is open to all club members and their guests among whom (weather permitting) will be associates from Milwaukee, Racine, Waukegan and Chicago yacht clubs.

Commodore John P. Reis has selected a large group of members to handle details.  Alfred Viets and Robert Conklin are in charge of setting up the event, Everett Yance, food chairman, will be assisted by Joseph Werner, Lloyd Barth, Charles Werner, Harold Miller, Francis Werner, Gerald LaPoint, Robert Perry, Oillie Skronski.  Mr. and Mrs. Al Zimmerman, will be in charge of the outdoor refreshment stand.  Harold Jornt and Lawrence Smith are in charge of equipment, Edward Stern heads the lean-up squad, and Edward Grota, will handle lighting arrangements.

Between 250 and 300persons areexpected to attend.

It was a terrific party, I can tell you.  I was there.

To finish off the boating season lets go over some U.S. Coast Guard figures for the year 2017 of Hoax Rescue Calls:

  • 161  Confirmed or suspected hoax call fielded by the Coast Guard in fiscal 2016, up from 135 the previous year.
  • 160 plus  Hoax calls made in the Great Lakes region lone so far in 2017, nearly a 300 percent increase from last year.
  • 16,343   Search and Rescue cases fielded by the Coast Guard in fiscal 2016.
  • $15,000  Hourly cost of rescue operations for an HC-130J Super Hercules long-range surveillance aircraft.  Hoax callers may be forced to repay the Coast Guard for costs incurred.
  • 21  As in Rescue 21, the Coast Guard’s advanced communications system that helps locate distressed boaters.  Its first location (Atlantic City, New Jersey) came online in 2005; it now covers the entire continental US. coastline.
  • $250,000  Fine a prank caller could face if convicted of making a phony distress call, a Class D felony.

As a retired Coastie, thanks for making another safe boating season.

Ed. C. Werner

Letter from the Editor:

KYC racers have been some of the major participators in this years larger regattas and have been doing very well.  This past month was the LMSS Q Race with 6 boats from KYC.  This was a double handed race from Racine around the Mid Lake Buoy and back (66.4 nautical miles). The race started as a downwind sled ride with high winds out of the West which included building following waves with boats under spinnakers.  A number of boats rounded-up with some dropping out of the race due to damaged sails.  Once rounding the mid-lake buoy, the fleet started the beat into the wind for the leg back to Racine.  For awhile, the wind died and boats had a hard time making way.  Towards evening the wind picked up again as we approached the  coastline.

Final results for KYC boats:

  • Kookaburra: 1st in Division, 2nd Overall
  • Takedown2: 2nd in division, 3rd Overall
  • Joan Claire: 2nd in division, 4th Overall
Joan Claire, Takedown2, Kookaburra

Sailor’s Dictionary:  Anchor:  Any of a number of heavy, hook-shaped devices that is dropped over the side of the boat on the end of a length of rope and/or chain, and which is designed to hold a vessel securely in place until (a) the wind exceeds 2 knots, (b) the owner and crew depart, or (c) 3 a.m.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum