Victoria RC Fleet

The KYC RC Victoria fleet is forming.  We have 6 boats in the fleet and the sailing world is a buzz with the idea.  The only thing better than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon sailing your Victoria is racing another “Vic” skipper!

It looks like a good place to order them from is Tower Hobbies, but there is a local place called Harbor Hobies or “Track Hobbies” in Winthrop Harbor that carries servos, controllers and other hobby equipment.  $165 will get you the boat, sails and electronics.  Everything you need to go sailing.  You may want to upgrade the Sail servo as you may need some more power to trim the sails fully.  The Hitec HS-645MG is a popular choice.

Tower Hobies Product Descriptions

Stock Number Product Description Price
LXKF85 Thunder Tiger Victoria Yacht Sailboat Kit 30.7″ $109.98
LXUZ89 Hitec HS-645MG High Torque 2BB Metal Gear Servo $31.99
LXGRM779 Futaba 2DR 2-Channel AM/2 S3003 Servos 79 $44.99
LXD589 Dubro Waterproof Pushrod Seals (2) $4.19

It sounds like doing business with the local guy is a good way to go. Jim Kremers recently visited The Track.  Here is what he had to say.

“I’ve just ordered my Victoria through “The Track” – a hobby shop at 1225 Sheridan, Winthrop Harbor, just 8.5 miles south from here.  It arrives on Thursday, and I’ll pick it up Friday.
The owner there made me a “package price” at $236 for the following:
#5556 Victoria sailboat
Tactic CJ 2404 4-channel, 2.4 GHz transceiver
Hitec 765 HB servo
Futaba S3004 servo
This transceiver (radio) is a “spectrum-type”, meaning that the transmitter locks onto its own receiver and operates independently from all other radios in the area.  Thus, I will not require a set of crystals for a pre-set channel.  I will be able to operate anywhere without concern for maintaining a channel separate from others.
The transceiver requires 4 AA batteries at each end – transmitter and receiver – so I plan to keep a recharging unit busy to supply these.
The radio has 4 channels only because it is not offered in a 2-channel model.  I’ll just be using only half of the channels.
If anyone has questions, I’ll be glad to chat.
Note: “Eric”at “The Track” offered to make the same deal available to anyone who is interested.”
Jim Kremers

Strict one-design class rules for the Victoria RC sailboat keep the costs down.  The mast and rigging is kind of up to you.  So have at it. For example you could put a carbon fiber mast on you RC boat for about $7-$10.  There is a wealth of information on the Victoria RC Class site.  I particularly like the walk-through at Okanagan Model Sailboat Association,  They provide very detailed information on how to optimize your Victoria.

Order yours and join the fun. Contact fleet captain, John Burhani for more information.

Email to reserve your frequency.

Reserved RC Frequencies.
Jim Kremers – Variable Frequency
Tom Hartley – Variable Frequency
Tim Helgesen – Variable Frequency
GaryPowell – Variable Frequency
Greg Althoff – Variable Frequency
Michael Althoff – Variable Frequency
Sebastian Reinhart – 65
Sea Scouts – 67
Rick Johnson – 71
John Weiss – 78
Ed Montano – 79
Bob Reinhart – 85
John Burhani – 88, 89