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December Mainsheet 2017

Lee Rosenbaum  | Published on 12/18/2017


Seasons Greeting Kenosha Yacht Club Members!

Well here we go again; another bleak winter and we are on our own again!  That’s to say, we are without a restaurant.  By now everyone has heard that The Lakehouse has made the decision to close its doors.  We wish them well as they continue their other endeavors.  Please be assured that your Board of Directors is working very hard to look at many options and will keep the membership informed as we move on from here.  Watch for announcements soon.

On a lighter note, we had a fabulous Christmas Party with an incredible pot luck – what a generous and delicious spread!  Thanks to everyone who contributed enough food to fill tables set up down the east wall of the dining room and around the corner to the galley door offering every goody imaginable.

After we had our fill of great food and good drinks, we all enjoyed our traditional White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Lots of fun and many unusual items made their appearance.  Everybody had a good time watching Doug open most of them!

Thanks to all who brought gifts, pantry and personal hygiene items for Women and Children’s Horizons.  I am sure they will make the holiday a little more special for many.

A special “thanks” from all of us to Rear Commodore, Deb Strouf, and her very capable activities team:  Kathy Otto, Deb Detters, Dana Fox, Amy Adams and Andy Cross for the decorations, food, drink and all their efforts in making the night another special event.  Thanks also to Deb’s son, Brody, and his friend for tending bar so everyone from the club could enjoy themselves.  They did an excellent job!

We will continue to plan other events throughout the winter season so keep your eyes on our calendar for other events, dates and times.

At the December member meeting, we voted to change our Member Meeting day from the first Tuesday to the first Wednesday of each month to coordinate with an overload of activities on Tuesday nights and allow the opportunity for more folks to participate. So, our next meeting will be Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Remember to look for you special invitation to our January Member Meeting. Come and bring your ideas for what you would like to see happen this year at the Kenosha Yacht Club.  We will be planning for three doable goals and how to make them happen in 2018.  As we go through this process, your thoughts and ideas are important to me and I will be listening carefully. Lee will also be making a presentation about the use of our new Club Express program which we are all very excited about.  This program will greatly increase club communication and our ability to access our own information as it pertains to our KYC membership.  A big thanks to Lee for the endless hours he has contributed to make this new program happen for us!

Don’t forget to consider being trained for our Dock Crew Teams before we begin to put our boats in the next season.  If you are interested, talk with Doug Vaccarello, Tom Deters, Dan Newman or Ron Otto.

I wish each of you a joyous holiday season and lots of good times with your family and friends!

Bob Rinehart
Bob Rinehart
Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC membership meeting is Wednesday January 3rd, 7:00PM
  • January 10 - 14: Strictly Sail (McCormick Place) KYC will have a booth
  • April 15: Presentation - Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes (Kenosha Public Museum)

Board Members

Commodore Robert Rinehart
Vice Commodore Ron Otto 
Rear Commodore  Deb Strouf 
Secretary  Lee Rosenbaum 
Treasurer  Jack Ciesemier 
Trustee  Andy Cross 
Trustee Tom Deters 
Trustee Dan Newman 
House Director Jim Strouf 
Past Commodore Michael Paulin


  • Boat Haul Out (Doug Vaccarello)
    • Boat haul-out is complete and the boats are put to bed for the winter.
    • Please make sure you take all your garbage home and do not place it in KYC/KCSC or restaurant garbage cans. 

  • Strictly Sail (Mike Paulin)
    • KYC will have a booth at Strictly Sail January 10– 14.
    • We need volunteers to staff the booth for shifts each day.
    • If you can help out contact Mike Paulin at
    • (you receive a free pass to the show for that day)

  • New KYC Club Management Software (Lee Rosenbaum)
    • The board is working on implementing a new Club Management Software that will also include a new website.  The target to roll this out is January 2018.
    • We are hoping this new system when implemented will provide for better communication for the entire club, along with all the back-end systems for billing, emailing, calendar, event registration, Mainsheet....
    • The website will have two views:
      • Public view: Anyone can see this view
      • Member Only view: Only KYC members using their own login/password will be able to see this view.
        • Included in the Member's Only view will be a Member's Directory listing contact information of all members.
        • The board is aware that some members may not want to be listed in the directory, or only have certain information listed (i.e. Name only).  If this is the case please contact: Lee Rosenbaum
          • As a note: A member will have the ability to change their information or what information can be seen by others anytime they want, by logging in and making the change.
      • Lee will provide an overview of the new system at the January 3rd Member Meeting.

  • Lake House Bar & Grill
    • CLOSED


Are You Ready For Some Cribbage? (Virginia Hartley)

The KYC Cribbage League will be starting up again on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 7:00pm. Our sign-up / warm-up / instructional / organizational session will be held on Thursday, December 14th at the KYC.

We will have a 14-week season (thirteen weeks of regular season play followed by a one-night double elimination tournament). The regular season will run from January 4th – March 29th. The one-night tournament will take place on Thursday, April 5th. As always, we will play in teams of two. New teams are welcome. If you’d like to participate on an infrequent basis, we are always looking for reliable subs, so please get in touch. Team fee is $25. Please bring a cribbage board and cards if you have them.
If you cannot make the session on December 14th, you must contact me by e-mail to let me know that you wish to play:

 Team sign-up for the Cribbage League will close on Saturday, December 30th. No teams will be added after that date…no exceptions will be made.

If you have any other questions regarding the Cribbage League, feel free to get in touch at the e-mail address shown above.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, December 14th at 7:00pm.

KCSC Catalog (Jim Buck)

The KCSC is constructing their annual Advertising Catalog.  Business wishing to advertise in the catalog need to get their content in by January 31, 2018.

Click here for full information: KCSC Catalog Form 2018

Holiday Party! (Deb Strouf)

KYC held it annual holiday party of Dec 9th. It was a fun time with:

  • Great food
  • Great drink
  • Fun with White Elephant gift exchange
  • Donations to the Women’s and Children’s Horizon

Thanks to Deb Strouf,  Kathy Otto, Deb Detters, Dana Fox, Amy Adams and Andy Cross for making it a success!


BE INSPIRED – “Warm up” to a return visit April 15, 2018 from Julia & Alyssa – Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes

The winter months give us time to engage in other activities and the long nights may be the perfect time to learn about the history and issues affecting the Great Lakes.  Dan Egan’s Death and Life of the Great Lakes would make a great gift for some folks (read a review by clicking on the title).  However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to read this interesting book, you can learn just a little bit about Great Lakes issues by reading the KYC Mainsheet leading up to the April event.

Julia Robson and Alyssa Armbruster will return to Kenosha on April 15, 2018  for another Kenosha Yacht Club (KYC)-Kenosha Community Sailing Center (KCSC) sponsored community event focused on the Great Lakes.  (Recall the successful July 8 KYC-KCSC event to raise funds and promote their 343+ mile Walk to Sustain Our Great Lakes.)  This time, the KYC and KCSC are partnering with the Kenosha Public Museum for the community event.  Julia and Alyssa will update us on their hike and progress on the documentary, and will continue to raise awareness of Great Lakes issues.  Stay tuned for details on this Great Lakes Education event.

As a “warm up” to this event, the KYC and KCSC will briefly cover issues related to the Great Lakes. The opinions in this article are the author’s alone and are provided to KYC and KCSC members as a resource to learn more about issues relating to the Great Lakes.  These issues are complex, and it’s not possible to cover them in depth in the newsletter; the goal is to pique your interest, and be objective (but these may come across as reflecting my opinion).  It’s up to you to access the resources (just click on the links) to learn more.  If there appears to be interest following the April event, we will consider continuing to cover Great Lakes issues.

  • December‘s Great Lakes Education topic is:  Oil and the Great Lakes – the Great Lakes are at the center of a massive North American oil economy.  Enbridge’s Line 5 carries 540,000 barrels per day from Canada using two (now) 64-year-old pipes laid along the bottom of the Great Lakes, through the Mackinaw Straights. Click Here for the full article: Oil and the Great Lakes - December 2017

 Sue Hill

Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart) 

  • We wish Jack Harkins and Neil Olson both continued good healing following surgery.  Hope to see you both out and about soon!
  • Congratulations to Suzanne and Chad Niemi as they welcome their new daughter!  We hope her big brother is enjoying her too.
  • Happy Holidays to you as you celebrate in your own way and Happy New Year as we move into 2018!
Please continue to let Joyce know as you become aware of members who might need some “Good Winds.” Joyce can be reached at or 262-945-9183
Joyce Rinehart Joyce Rinehart

View from the Lantern Room

The end of the year and me without a Christmas theme to write about! Went through some of my notes from my research, but didn’t come up with any Ladies Auxiliary Children’s Christmas Party’s from years past. Do have my personal shopping done, but no real Christmas spirit yet. so what to write about? Looking over my files I did find one article that I copied some years ago figuring I’d use it “sometime.” Well, is this the time? Not a Christmas story, but I figure you probably had enough of those by now anyway so try this one on for size. Going back to 1906 for this one.


                                     An ideal costume for the Practical housekeeper.

There are many women who do their own housework either as a general rule or during one of those domestic upheavals which sometimes attack the bliss of most careful housewife. There is, however, a vast difference in the way in which different women regard the question of housework. Some really enjoy it, some consider it menial and something to be ashamed of while others moan because they find it so hard and toilsome. Yet there are many women striving to make ends meet on a tiny income who will not look the question of housework squarely in the face. There are many small houses which would be far better kept and happier places if the mistress did not content herself with “a little light dusting” and leave everything else to an ill trained general servant. If she boldly and gladly undertook the housemaid’s place and trained the girl as cook, her house would be a very different place and herself a much healthier and happier woman. But here must be no pretense about it. There must be a special dress, and one neat, practical and pretty enough to glory in should it be necessary to see people during working hours.

In an ink illustration accompanying this article it shows  the domestic costume to be worn by the practical housekeeper. the working gown must be washable and experience suggests a pretty colored linen as the fabric. Green is a cool and beautiful color, it washes well and is somehow restful to wear. The gown must be simply made. A blouse and skirt is unsatisfactory because it is never tidy behind. The tucked bodice is set into a band into which is sewn the slightly gored full skirt. The sleeves have two sets of buttons at the wrist. One holds the cuff loosely and the next quite tight. The sleeve can be undone altogether if bare arms feel more energetic. An apron is necessary, and where linen is nicest for this, and the simpler the better.

No lady would think of sweeping and dusting with unprotected hair; the process is too unpleasant. For this purpose a mob cap is the best. It is made of spotted muslin and is but a circular piece of material with a frill attached. A slot for the string or ribbon may be used to gather it up after washing, but a beading of insertion through which the ribbon is run is perhaps daintier.

The illustration shows the “model” holding a large industrial type push broom. Do you suppose she was also expected to “sweep” the horse barn?

Ed Werner Ed. C. Werner

Blast From The Past:

Here is a picture of Kenosha Harbor:
Kenosha Harbor Old 1

Letter from the Editor

Well cold is setting in and the boats on the KYC dock are tucked away for the winter. Here is a view of our vessels sitting in their cradles from across the harbor.
Winter Storage


Sailor’s Dictionary:  Fuel:  Sailboats without auxiliary engines do not require fuel as such, but an adequate supply of a pale yellow carbonated beverage with a 10 percent to 12 percent alcohol content is essential to the operation of all recreational craft.

Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum