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June Mainsheet 2018

Lee Rosenbaum  | Published on 6/19/2018


Greetings Kenosha Yacht Club Members and Friends,

It is half way through June, boats are launched, the weather seems to be clearing and another boating season is underway.  Sail racing has begun on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. People are enjoying the Harbor View from the bar and restaurant.  It seems like we might actually make it to summer next week.

As we look back over the past few weeks, I want to thank Past Commodore, Mike Paulin, for organizing another great golf outing for club members, their families, and friends.  In all ways, this was the best one yet.  Please read Mike’s article in this newsletter and check out the winners! Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

An epic 60th Annual Blessing of the Fleet was very well attended this year.  It was made even more special by the presence of Rita LaPoint who brought her usual sunny weather with her as she has since the Blessing of the Fleet began.  Thank you so much Rita for being with us on this very special day. We look forward to seeing you next year!  Thanks to all our distinguished and honorable participants who made the day extra great. A special thanks to the Vietnam Vets and the Coast Guard.

And now for an urgent request.  Volunteers are needed to help us put together a boat float for the 4th of July Parade on Sunday, July 1st.  We will be pulling a boat that will welcome the 2019 Tall Ships Challenge that will be held in August of 2019.  A meeting will be held on Monday, June 18th, at 5:30pm for all who are interested in helping. Jim Buck will be pulling the boat and we need people to help with preparations. 

Please see the Tall Ships Press Release in this issue of the Mainsheet for information about this upcoming event.  We are very excited about the Tall Ships are coming back to Kenosha next year and the KYC and KCSC will be participating in this event.  We will need many volunteers and so watch for further information about ways that you can get involved. 

Now, back to this year.  We will again be hosting one of the stages for the Second Annual Tribute Island Music Festival July 20th-22nd. Our bar and restaurant will be open and participating more this year.  Come on down and enjoy this fun weekend.  Those who attended last year had a blast.

Have a great and safe boating season. Drink responsibly and then come back to the Kenosha Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant to enjoy some delicious food, great drinks, and a good time with friends.

Happy Boating,

Commodore Bob


Bob Rinehart
Bob Rinehart
Commodore, Kenosha Yacht Club

Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday July 11th, 7:00pm

Board Members

Commodore Robert Rinehart
Vice Commodore Ron Otto 
Rear Commodore  Deb Strouf 
Secretary  Lee Rosenbaum 
Treasurer  Jack Ciesemier 
Trustee  Andy Cross 
Trustee Tom Deters 
Trustee Dan Newman 
House Director Jim Strouf 
Past Commodore Michael Paulin


  • New Members   WELCOME
    •  Randolph & Janice Moffat
    • Derek & Becky Wagner
    • James Haude
    • Laura Studders
    • Eileen Zens & Jim Winfield
    • Bill Zens
    • Bill Zibell
    • Karl Erickson
    • Charles Todd
    • Arthur Hodge

  • Membership cards:

    For all new and existing members that have satisfied their membership dues payments, your NEW MEMBERSHIP CARDS are waiting for you at the BAR.
    Remember to show your cards when you order to receive a 20% discount on food and liquid refreshments.

  • Dock & Derrick (Doug Vacccarello)
    • The dock at KYC is not a parking lot. Please park on the street unless you need to drop something off temporarily. Don't make me yell at you!

  • Sailboat Racing (John Weiss)
    • The 2018 racing season is in full swing.  We’ve had a few Thursdays raced and look forward to getting our first Sunday under our belt.  I’d like to invite all KYC members to join us for the racing.  Come out with your boats and spectate - just stay off to the side to avoid interfering with the race.  Then join us for a beverage at KYC as we replay and embellish our stories of bravery from the race.

      The full season schedule can be found on our Web site at

      Race communications can be monitored with our Yahoo Group -
    • Check out the Racing pages on the website. There you will find information on KYC racing as well as videos.
    • Want to crew during one of the races?  Come on down to "A" & "B" Dock before the races or get in touch with one of the captains.  Don't know anyone, send an email to and we will help you out.

KYC Photo Albums

Don't forget to check out all the great photos by going to the Photo Albums section of the KYC website.  New additions are "Blessing of the Fleet", "Thursday Sail Racing".

If you have pictures to share, get them to the Secretary for posting on the site.  Help keep the website fresh and interesting.

Restaurant & Bar

Our Galley & Bar are open for business, so come on down and exercise your 20% membership discount.

Click here to see the MENU and list of June Music Events


6th Annual Kenosha Yacht Club Golf Outing

It was a great day and fun event.  A record turnout of 27 Golfers played this year.  The weather was pleasant for early May and conditions exceeded the forecast.  The golf course was in excellent condition.  A good time was had by all at the golf course and later at the KYC for the awards ceremony.  All golfers received a good prize with selection order based upon their Peoria Handicap System net score.  Thanks to all who participated and we look forward to next year's 7th Annual version of this event.  Thanks also to the Maplecrest Country Club staff who helped make this a great event for KYC.


6th Annual KYC Golf Outing Trophies for 2018 awarded as follows:


Champion, Low Gross Score (78) - Jason Ellis

Peoria Handicap System Low Net Score (46) - Jim Strouf

Men's Long Drive Hole #1 - Bill Bielanski

Men's Long Drive Hole #2 - Patrick Paulin

Ladies' Long Drive - Dana Fox

Closest to the Pin - Jerry Ruffolo 

Longest Putt - Jason Ellis




Mike Paulin

Kenosha to welcome Tall Ships festival in 2019



June 5,2018


For further information contact:

Kris Kochman

Community Relations Liaison

City of Kenosha



KENOSHA - The spectacular sight of brigantines, schooners and other tall ships will once again line the Kenosha harbor next summer, as the City of Kenosha hosts the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE in the Great Lakes. Kenosha is one of 11 host ports on the Great Lakes in 2019 - including stops in Canada.


It has been more than a decade since Kenosha hosted a tall ships festival. The 2019 event expects to include at least six tall ships for the festival, which will run from August 2-4, 2019. Vessels will arrive in a "parade of sail" on the afternoon of August 1, lead by Kenosha's own tall ship - Red Witch. Red Witch has made the Kenosha harbor its summer home since 2016.


Tour passes will allow people to explore the majestic vessels from stem to bow during the Aug.24 festival along the harbor. Specific ships will offer sail-away tours on Lake Michigan, offering a unique opportunity to view the Kenosha coastline. Live entertainment, food and beverage vendors, and children's activities will add to the festivities. The City is seeking sponsors to collaborate with Tall Ships America and the City of Kenosha to support this event in our community. For sponsorship details, please contact Kris Kochman at 262-653-4177 or email


The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE@ travels through the Great Lakes every three years. ln 2019, the Challenge begins on June 28 in Lake Ontario, with a port in Toronto. Over the course of 10 weeks, a core fleet of ships will make its way through Lake Erie and Lake Huron, before traveling to Lake Michigan, with ports in Green Bay and Kenosha. Between ports, Tall Ships America organizes races among the tall ships. The festivals in host ports offer an opportunity for visitors to explore the vessels and meet the crew. Tall Ships America is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting sail training in North America, and supporting education aboard and about tall ships.

Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart) 

  • More wishes for healing are sent to Paul Lendved as he continues to recover following an auto accident. Paul, it was so good to see you at the club for the Blessing of the Fleet! 
  • We send our sympathy and thoughts to Randy and Lena Bredin as they remember and celebrate the life of their sister-in-law, Monica Bredin, who died recently.
  • Our thoughts continue to go out to Sue Hill as she helps care for her mother who is living with cancer.
  • We extend our thoughts and caring to Deb and Jim Strouf as they care for Deb’s dad as he recovers from a serious health issue.  
  • We celebrate a great 60th Blessing of the Fleet on Sunday, June 3rd!  What a joy to have Rita LaPoint join us and accompany Carol Stanley and Bob Wirch to the flagpole to place a wreath to remember those who have died.
  • Best wishes for a safe and fun season for the KCSC as they begin their summer youth lessons this week and continue their adult classes!
  • Congratulations to Brody Chamberlin as he works hard to create our new bar and Restaurant!

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know.  We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives. Joyce can be reached at or 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart Joyce Rinehart

View from the Lantern Room

 July 13, 1899   The Telegraph- Courier   

                                      NEW CUTTER HERE.


                             WITH A CARGO OF MEMORIES

 Chief Engineer Webber Tells of the Work of the Cutter in the Late War with Spain.  Before Havana-Was with Sampson’s Squadron.

Freighted down with a cargo of memories of the Spanish war the revenue cutter MORRILL tied up in the local harbor at 10 o’clock this morning and unfuried the flag in honor of her first visit to this city.

It was soon noted about the city that the little vessel which had taken important a part in the late war was tied up in the harbor and during her two hours’ stay she was the one thing of interest.

A reporter of this paper boarded the Morrill shortly after its arrival and had the pleasure of an hour’s visit with the boys who had seen so much of the history making epoch of the last few years.  The crew had been changed but little, and almost every sailor is able to tell some interesting story of the time spent by the cutter in defense of the flag.  Chief Engineer Webber was with the Morrill all the time during the war and had many interesting incidents to tell of the time when the little cutter was a part of the squadron under Admiral Sampson.  In speaking of the boat during the war, he said:

“When the Spanish war broke out she was fitted out at Norfolk for blockade duty.  Two four-inch rifles, enormous guns for a boat her size, were mounted on deck, one forward and one aft, and a secondary battery of two one pounders and two Colt rapid fie guns given her.  The pilot house and engine house were heavily armored, and, thus quipped, the Morrill, was sent to Havana to help blockade that port. Capt. H.D. Smith went to war in her, with C.S. Craig and H.G. Fisher, lieutenants. The full complement was eight officers and fifty-two men.  “At Havana”, said Engineer Webber, “we went on the inner patrol.  If we got inside the three mile limit the Spaniards would fire at us.”

On May 7 we were chasing a fishing vessel, with the Vicksburg, and ran pretty close in.  The Sana Clara battery opened on us and a big shell burst over our deck, between the man on the bridge and the man at the masthead.  That as too warm for a little boat like this, but as we drew out Lieut. Craig fired a shell at the fisherman from the after four inch gun which clipped a small boat off her stern and sent the splinters flying.

At the close of the war the Morrill returned to revenue service and at Philadelphia navy yard was restored to her former condition.  Her armor and her heavy battery were taken off and a single six-pounder rifle was mounted forward.  But the glory of this great, for it is the famous six-pounder of the gunboat Hudson, which mounted aft on that vessel, fought off the Spaniards from the crippled torpedo boat Winslow when that little craft was so nearly lost and Ensign Worth Bagley killed.  Under direction of Lieutenant Scott it did magnificent service, and is the pride of every man on board the Morrill.

At Philadelphia Capt. A.B. Davis took command of the Morrill and brought her up the St. Lawrence River and up the lakes.  She left New York Nov. 2 last and went to Montreal, where she was delayed a day waiting permission to pass up the canals.

Her station on the lakes is at Milwaukee, where she takes the Gresham’s place.  She was at tat city during the carnival, and came here from Chicago.  Her captain inspected the papers, condition and life saving devices of all vessels at this port.

Ed Werner Ed. C. Werner

Letter from the Editor

Race season is in full swing.  Now if we can only get some wind!!
This past week was the Double Handed race from Winthrop Harbor to Port Washington. Twenty boats started the race (6 from KYC).  Winds were from the South, but very light.  Around Racine, most boats found NO Wind, and NO Boat Speed.  Time was ticking away and one by one you could hear boats over the radio dropping out.

For those few that stuck it out, the 53.5 mile race took a great deal of mental fortitude to endure the mind numbing hours this years race took.  Congratulations to the KYC racers that finished:

Takedown2: Ron Otto & Bob Kearns (3rd Division, 3rd Overall) 18hr 48min 30sec
Joan Claire: Jim Pappas & Ralph Ruffolo (1st Division, 6th Overall) 21hr 27min 53sec

Sailor's Dictionary: Boom is called for the sound that's made when it hits crew in the head on its way across the boat. For slow crew, it's called 'boom, boom.'


Smooth Sailing-

Lee Rosenbaum