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September Mainsheet 2018

Lee Rosenbaum  | Published on 9/18/2018


Kenosha Yacht Club Members and Friends,


The past few weeks have been sad for all who come to the lake for any reason and to the whole community and especially for members of the KYC as we have shared the tragic news of two drowning so near to us. We are committed to being a part of the movement in our city to make the lake as safe as possible and have set up a fund to help purchase life rings and other safety equipment for the pier and sea wall including alongourdock. You can contribute to this fund on our website or by dropping off a check at the KYC marked “life rings.” Our donation fund is open to the public through our website,, so please spread the word to others as well. Thanks to all for your help and caring!


With fall beginning next week we all know that the 2018 boating season is nearing its end. It is not over yet though as this past weekend has shown. The next weeks will hold more beautiful boating days as well as the beginning of our weeks of boat haulout.


If you store your boat on our dock, I want to remind you that the deadline for paying your Winter Storage Fees was September 15th. If you have not paid your fees yet they are now overdue and, I encourage you to pay them as soon as possible so your boat can come out. Don’t forget to also fill out and sign your contract and provide a copy of your current boat insurance. If you are one of our members who do not use email, please contact Lee or me to get your bill another way. Blank contracts are available on the bookshelf and the office desk in our meeting room. If you need to make arrangements for payments or have special haulout needs, please get in touch with Doug or me and we will help you make arrangements. Don’t forget to sign up on the Haulout Board in the meeting room.


Thank you to the six adult Sailing Center Students who joined me for a drink and some social time last Saturday. A big “thank you” to all the KYC members who came by to meet and welcome the student. We had a great time and I look forward to seeing you all around the club in the months ahead. A Special “thank you” to Jack and Anna Harkins for working on our library and providing a great set of books for all new KCSC students. And, a big “Thank you” to our Vice Commodore, Ron Otto, and his crew for teaching these students well!


On Friday, September 21st, I will also be having a drink and snacks with the new members who have joined the Club in the past year. We will gather during happy hour from 3-6pm. I invite all our members to come and greet our new folks and get to know them better. Maybe you will even find a new sailing partner or racing competitor!


With our busy season winding down, I really encourage all our members to come on down and have a drink and a meal at OUR Bar and Restaurant. The place is looking good, we have great staff and an amazing new menu being introduced this week including several tasty new entrees and some cool fall desserts!


While you are there, check out the Ship’s Store and treat yourself to a new shirt, sweatshirt, hat or bag! Or, start your holiday shopping now! We have many new designs and colors thanks to the creativity of our Rear Commodore, Deb Strouf.


As you continue to enjoy these days of fall, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you around the Club,




Upcoming Events

  • Next KYC Membership Meeting is Wednesday October 3rd, 7:00pm
  • New Member Gathering: Sept 21st 3pm - 6pm

Board Members

Commodore Robert Rinehart
Vice Commodore Ron Otto
Rear Commodore Deb Strouf
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Jack Ciesemier
Trustee Andy Cross
Trustee Tom Deters
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Strouf
Past Commodore Michael Paulin


Voting for Board of Directors
We will be voting on our new Board of Directors at the October Membership Meeting.
No new nominations will be accepted at the meeting.
Nominated People are:
Commodore Robert Rinehart
Vice Commodore Ron Otto
Rear Commodore Deb Strouf
Secretary Lee Rosenbaum
Treasurer Eric Routman
Trustee Jack Ciesemier
Trustee Tom Deters
Trustee Dan Newman
House Director Jim Strouf

  • New Members WELCOME
    • Ryan Conway
  • Membership cards:

    For all new and existing members that have satisfied their membership dues payments, yourNEW MEMBERSHIP CARDSare waiting for you at the BAR.
    Remember to show your cards when you order to receive a20% discounton food and liquid refreshments.
  • Dock & Derrick(Doug Vacarello)
    • Winter boat storage bills have been sent out. Payment was due by Sept 15th along with signed contract and proof of insurance.
    • Don't forget to sign-up for your day on the pull-out sheet hanging on the door upstairs.
  • Sailboat Racing(John Weiss)
    • I’m writing this months update a draft on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina at the Buccaneer Nationals. The forecast calls for light wins as we watch the hurricane approach. I guess it’s not possible to have a Buccaneer Nationals without a hurricaneto keep things interesting.


      By the time you read this the KYC sailing season will be in the books for 2018. We’ve had a pretty good year with wind and you should be proud of the success our fleet has had in other events. Congratulations to everybody who participated this year.


      I will send out a date and time for our postseason dBrief and begin planning for next year in early November. In the meantime I hope everybody gets more sailing in before the boats come out.


      Sail fast!


      Here’s a link to KYC Racing results -Results



    • Other Racing Results:

    • Clipper Cup was won by Brian Hettrick on Aces Dream

    • Solo Challenge was won by Ron Otto on TakeDown-2

Blast From The Past
How many people can you name in this picture?

New AC Unit
KYC was in need of a new AC unit.
Many thanks to Randy Bredin and Jim Strouf for all the hard work in getting this done.

Buccaneer National Championships
This year there were only 14 Buccs in what was one of the most competitive BNACs we’ve ever raced. Seven or eight different boats had bullets with the winner only winning two races. Consistency certainly paid.

With Ed and Shannon on the great loop and me having their boat in storage for the last year, they had not been on a buccaneer since last year’s BNAC. Conditions were incredibly shifty with wind shifts and velocity rarely equal on the course. That said several boats were able to figure out so it just took extra attention.

The Lake Hartwell Yacht Club was incredibly hospitable to the fleet. We were treated to southern delicacies including baked and fried chicken one night and then slow roasted pork for 22 hours another night. We camped on the site and local brewery kept us well hydrated with very delicious IPA. You can ask Ed about the 420 IPA he enjoyed Thursday night and it’s incredible fragrance :)

Going into the final day of racing first and third place we’re separated by three points. It could’ve been anybody’s race but instead of the light and variable conditions from earlier in the week, we were treated dead calm in the morning followed by 15 to 20+ and shifty in the afternoon. Blind Squirrel had a moral victory on the last race with our second bullet but in the end we ended up in fourth place. First place went to a duo that exceeded 141 and combined age but we’re very consistent. Ed and Shannon got second place. Third-place went to our friends from Washington DC having sailed by far the best on the first day, they both ended up with the flu for the remainder of the regatta and struggled. Unfortunate for them as they were incredibly fast and had clearly been practicing this year.

Rematch next year will be in Arizona in late October, Jay and I already looking forward and planning our strategy to get us back in that top position.

KCSC Garage Sale


A garage sale was held on September 1 & 2 at the sailing shack. Bettie did a great job of disposing of items no longer needed by KCSC. The shack is looking better, now that it has gone through a reorganization.


KCSC Garage Sale


A garage sale was held on September 1 & 2 at the sailing shack. Bettie did a great job of disposing of items no longer needed by KCSC. The shack is looking better, now that it has gone through a reorganization.


Burgee Exchange


On September 7thJoyce and I had the pleasure of welcoming Joan and Bill Edmonds to the Kenosha Yacht Club. Joan and Bill are members of the Seaford Yacht Club in Seaford Virginia. We exchanged burgees and enjoyed a great time getting to know each other and they were able to meet and talk with several of our club members as well (including Ed and Shannon who just happened to stop by and had many Virginia experiences to share).


If you ever get to Seaford, stop and visit with them they assured us we would all be welcome!


The Tall Ships Are Coming!


Kenosha is very fortunate to have the Tall Ships Challenge coming to the Kenosha Harbor August 1-4th, 2019!


The KYC will be involved in several ways and plans are just beginning. If you would like to be a volunteer for this event, please add your name to the volunteer list on our website.


Watch for upcoming meetings, updates, history and requests throughout the year.


This is going to be an awesome time for all of us so get ready to share in this event in any way that works for you!

Good Winds: (by: Joyce Rinehart)


    • On behalf of the KYC, a memorial has been sent to the family of Ralph Ruffolo, Sr. We extend sincere sympathy to Ralph and Mary Ruffolo as they celebrate Ralph, Sr’s life.
    • We extend deep sympathy to the families of Tamara Brague and Donovan Anderson who both drowned in the harbor in the past month.
    • Wishes for healing are sent to Jim Rohde as he deals with ankle pain.
    • Wishes for continued healing for Susan Campo as she recovers from surgery.
    • Safe boating to everyone as we move into these fall boating days!

If you or someone you know of is in need of some Good Winds, please let me know. We do acknowledge celebrations as well as difficult times in our member's lives.Joyce can be reached atgoodwinds@kenoshayachtclub.comor 262-945-9183


Joyce Rinehart

View From The Lantern Room

The sailing season is slowly coming to a close for this season although, to me, the best sailing of the season is in September and (early October. That being said, the stories of the past season are soon to be told at the bar over the soon forthcoming winter. Been there, done that!

I have or had my story telling yarns too but, there is always someone else who will try to out "yarn" your! For example: Read this sea story sent to me by my friend Rick!
Great Sea Story
A FascinatingShort Sea Story
The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought the master, CapetianJohn Phillips, the result. The Warrimoo's position was LAT0' 31' N and LOG 179 30' W. The date was 31 December 1899.
"Know what this means?" First Mate Payton broke in, "We're only a few miles from the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line".
Captain Phillips was prankish enough to take full advantage of the opportunity for achieving the navigational freak of a lifetime. He called his navigators to the bridge to check & double check the ships position. He changed course slightly so as to bear directly on his mark. Then he adjusted the engine speed. The calm weather & clear night worked in his favor.
At mid-night the SS Warrimoo lay on the equator at exactly the point where it crossed the International Date Line! The consequencesof this bizarre position were many.
The forward part (bow) of the ship was in the Southern Hemisphere & in the middleof summer.
The rear (stern) was in the Northern Hemisphere & in the middle of winter.
The date in theaft part of the ship was 31 December 1899.
In the bow (forward) part it was 1 January 1900.
This ship was therefore not only in:
Two different days,
Two different months,
Two different years,
Two different seasons,
But in two different centuries- all at the same time.
Now that's a Great Sea Story!

Ed WernerEd. C. Werner

Letter From The Editor

By the time you read this, the KYC sail racing season will be over. I has been a good year for KYC racers and the race organization. We have had a good number of boats out on the line each week, with some very good competition.

The new buoy locations have proved to be perfect for creating courses no matter which way the wind is blowing. The addition of dropping a buoy to create a start line and the automated horn system has made for a consistentstarting sequence.
The new scoring system has proved to be easy to use and adjust providing posted results by the next day. It will be interesting to review the new handicap system as comparedto the standard PHRF results at our end of year race meeting, but I feel it allowed everyone to be more competitive.

Sailor's Dictionary:
Club, Yacht Club, Racing Association:

Troublesome seasonal accumulation in coastal areas of unpleasant marine organisms with stiff necks and clammy extremities. Often present in large numbers during summer months when they clog inlets, bays, and coves, making navigation almost impossible. The infestations are most serious along the coasts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine. They can be effectively dislodged with dynamite, but, alas, archaic federal laws rule out this option.

Smooth Sailing -
Lee Rosenbaum